Falling Frontier Is a Full-fledged Action Game. Rts for Falling Frontier Has Been Postponed Until 2022!

Falling Frontier Has Been Delayed

The space strategy game Falling Frontier captured my attention when it was first announced at E3 earlier this year, and I’m a little disappointed to learn that it has been postponed until 2022.

Falling Frontier is the passion project of single developer Todd D’Arcy, who worked on it under the banner of Stutter Fox Studios.

The game takes place in a grounded sci-fi world (with certain tropes such as jump drives), in which the player must carefully explore and expand their control across procedurally generated star systems.

Falling Frontier

The press release states that “most of Falling Frontier’s systems are ready for our Early Access launch,” but that “I want to take the necessary time to ensure that the game is in the best possible state before players get their hands on it.”

This space game appears to have it all — ship creation, logistics, tactical RTS battle, and it’s also really visually appealing.

The announcement of the delay was accompanied by the release of a new trailer, which showcases more in-action footage, including how waystations work, how ships can be retrofitted on the fly, and a new ‘Search and Rescue’ mission type, in which you can either recover your own officers who have become stranded in space or capture enemy agents to interrogate for intelligence.

Take a peek at this mind-blowing trailer

What? You’re the one who’s crying, not me! Because, as seen in the video, officers are the backbone of a ship’s performance, maintaining a healthy officer pool will be every bit as critical as maintaining a healthy supply line.

Falling Frontier

It’s being published by Hooded Horse Inc., which recently signed the Civilization-like Old World to assist in bringing that game to Steam, as well as publishing the previously delayed Terra Invicta and the turn-based strategy game Alliance of the Sacred Suns, among other titles.

Falling Frontier Release Date

Falling Frontier is now expected to arrive somewhere during Q2 2022, on PC via Steam and GOG.com.

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