The Terrifying Tragedy of The Deadliest Catch Crew When They Didn’t Have A Life Raft

One of the most unfortunate things about Discovery’s crab fishing reality series “Deadliest Catch” is the source of its particularly blunt title. The series takes its name from the extreme chance of demise that includes business fishing — specifically in the tumultuous and unpredictable Bering Sea, in which much of the series takes place.

Although the show has best suffered a few fishing-related tragedies throughout the years (maximum drastically in the terrible sinking of the F/V Destination, which took the lives of all six team members aboard), it looks as if there are dozens of close calls nearly each season. One terrifying instance is the frightening overboard moment in Season 3, which noticed a deckhand dragged down into the icy water amidst 30-foot waves. Audiences are reminded almost each episode that those are real existence-or-demise situations accessible at the open ocean, in which tragedy is simply a slip and fall away at any given moment. That said, possibly one of the maximum harrowing moments in the complete series is the moment while the F/V Saga misplaced their existence raft in the center of the open ocean.

The F/V Saga misplaced their existence raft, and almost placed numerous crew members overboard

During the Season 17 episode “Point of No Return,” the F/V Saga (led through Captain Jake Anderson) reveals itself in the midst of a cyclone out at the open ocean — placing the complete team on edge. Matters abruptly come to be an entire lot worse while, in the center of the night, the boat’s existence raft suddenly comes undone and starts slipping off the boat (through YouTube). Several deckhands try and get it returned on board to no avail, almost slipping over the threshold themselves earlier than it ultimately falls into the water.

Outside of falling into the water themselves, the remaining aspect the team desires is to lose their existence raft in the center of one of these  dangerous  situation. Watching the deckhands stumble around and almost move overboard while attempting to pull the existence raft returned on board is undeniably nerve-racking, and the ordeal best ends when they pop the raft and permit it to deflate — rendering it absolutely worthless. As if this terrifying ordeal wasn’t terrible enough, numerous days later, the deliver became boarded through the Coast Guard, and Jake Anderson is pressured to record the embarrassing information that the team had misplaced their raft.

Although this can look like a minor incident thinking about a number of the alternative excessive conditions we have got visible for the duration of the collection, there is simply something so brutal about watching the crew almost lose their footing aboard the ice-slicked deck — and in the process, dropping their best threat of get away need to matters move terrible aboard the F/V Saga.

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