Everyone is aware that season five will soon premiere, and that season five will include Elizabeth and Philip trying their hardest to work things out with Charles and Diana despite the fact that they both know very well that neither of them can get along. The relationship is severely damaged, Charles is aware that Diana is having an extramarital affair with James, there could be significant changes in the most significant newscast, and death is death, so we need to see Diana. The Crown, which made its debut on November 4, 2016, earned positive reviews from both reviewers and audiences, and it has since become one of the most praised television series of the streaming era. The programme stands out as a remarkable television feat with 21 Primetime Emmy wins. Despite the story’s historical veracity being regularly questioned, the show has developed a sizable fan base over the years. What is known about The Crown’s fifth season is detailed below!

Season 5 recap of The Crown:

The first part of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s journey was the subject of the previous season, and Season 5 will follow the couple’s breakup and, of course, all the difficulties that the divorce brought the royal family. It’s unclear if Diana’s passing will be included in the series. The 1990s were a turbulent decade for the royal family, and it is unclear what historical events The Crown will focus on in its future season. The period saw the following significant occurrences: the 1990 election of John Major as Prime Minister; the 1992 divorce of Princess Anne; the 1992 fire at Windsor Castle; the 1992 separation of Charles and Diana; Diana’s shocking 1995 interview; the 1996 divorce of the Wales; the 1996 separation of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson; and, of course, Diana’s tragic 1997 death alongside Fayed.

Fallout from Charles and Diana:

The series may draw information from the Charles and Diana divorce, as analysts keep pointing out. The Crown may illustrate that occasion admirably. It was vital to the entire 1990s Royal detail. Additionally, they might replicate the scene from Princess Diana’s infamous BBC interview, in which she revealed details about Charles’ extramarital affairs with Camilla Parker-Bowles, or they could simply show us the background.

Plotlines for Season 6 of The Crown:

What happens in season six of The Crown? Season six will reportedly take place in the early 2000s. It was initially thought that the final instalment would not focus on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s love story, but rather on public affairs involving prime ministers John Major (1990-97) and Tony Blair (1997-2007). Following that, we’ll see how The Queen portrays Diana Spencer’s tragic death in Paris and the Royal House of Windsor’s reaction to it. We can also see more of the Queen’s relationship with Prime Minister Tony Blair. Keep in mind that the series also depicts how the Monarchy’s relationship with Downing Street plays out, and the eventual rise and fall of Prime Ministers is always a thing in this show. Finally, we could see more of Elizabeth’s relationship with her grandsons and husband Phillip in her later years, or perhaps her relationship with her stewards and butlers, who also played an important role in carrying the Palatial secrets here and there in the 1990s.


Season 6 premiere date for The Crown:

There is currently no official release date for The Crown Season 6. Production on Season 5 was slated to begin in June 2021, but began in July 2021, according to Deadline, so work on Season 6 is unlikely to begin until after that. While that may seem like a long time given that Season 4 premiered in November 2020, the production pause was reportedly planned and not caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deadline revealed in June 2022 that the sixth season will begin filming in August, and the cast had a table read in mid-June.


Claire Foy/ Olivia Colman Queen Elizabeth
Matt Smith / Tobias Menzies  Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh
Vanessa Kirby/ Helena Bonham Carter  Princess Margaret, Countess Snowdon
Eileen Atkins  Queen Mary
Jeremy Northam  Anthony Eden
Victoria Hamilton/Marion Bailey  Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
Ben Miles Peter Townsend, Group Captain
Greg Wise/ Charles Dance Louis, Earl Mountbatten from Burma
Jared Harris  King George VI
John Lithgow  Winston Churchill
Alex Jennings/ Derek Jacobi  Prince Edward, Duke and Duchess of Windsor
Lia Williams/ Geraldine Chaplin  Wallis, Duchess
Anton Lesser  Harold Macmillan
Matthew Goode/ Ben Daniels  Antony Armstrong Jones, Earl of Snowdon
Jason Watkins  Harold Wilson
Erin Doherty  Princess Anne
Josh O’Connor  Charles, Prince Of Wales
Gillian Anderson  Margaret Thatcher
Emma Corrin  Diana, Princess of Wales
Stephen Boxer  Denis Thatcher
Emerald Fennell  Camilla Parker Bowles


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