“She would not be heal from her eating disorder if her mom have been still alive”, says McCurdy

Since the release of iCarly alum Jennette McCurdy’s memoir I’m Glad My Mom Died, which details the complicated relationship she had together along with her mom, the former child star has been getting critical acclaim from each angle. McCurdy’s mom died of cancer in 2013 while the Sam & Cat star was 21. It could take McCurdy years of therapy and overcoming substance abuse and an eating disorder to stand the cruel reality about her mom’s control and desire for her to be a famous person.

A friend and fellow Nickelodeon alum Josh Peck says McCurdy is the real most precious player for pouring her soul into the book. “I think she is incredibly brave to tell her story and to be as honest as she is,” the Drake & Josh alum told in an interview. “I think one of her great talents is her wit and how thoughtful she is, and as soon as I was able to pick up the book, I did because I really wanted to see the way she told her story.”

It’s now no longer the first time Peck showed support for McCurdy. On the day of the book’s release, he praised her in an Instagram post sharing a picture of the two with him hugging McCurdy and captioning it: “My friend Jennette wrote a book, and it’s out today. She’s brave, funny, and thoughtful in ways few are. Get it today!”

McCurdy explains how are mom abused her

As for McCurdy’s mom, Debbie, she says she forced her to exist on an extremely restrained diet of 1,000 calories or less—which caused intense disordered eating that lasted years for McCurdy. She writes that her mom wanted her to continue getting child roles, so she hoped to delay puberty by starving her very own daughter. Debbie could also allegedly carry out breast and vaginal “exams” on her daughter under the guise of “checking for cancer.” Growing up under her mom’s thumb, McCurdy become often subject to fits of rage and different types of abuse at any given moment.

In an interview with Good Morning America, McCurdy says she knows humans will feel strongly about the title of her memoir—it is a ambitious name that possibly makes many humans (who haven’t endured parental abuse) uncomfortable.

McCurdy says she would not be capable of heal from her past eating disorders if her mom have been still alive. “I definitely would not have been capable of confront or face my experience of eating disorders had my mom not passed away,” she tells USA Today. “Because my eating disorders were so endorsed and supported and encouraged by her.”

As the daughter of a narcissistic, histrionic mom who frequently subjected me to abuse—all of the talk surrounding Jenette McCurdy’s memoir is each triggering and validating. I, too, understand how humans can feel shocked by such a name, but I could encourage the ones who’ve not endured parental abuse to allow space for the ones who have by letting them express their emotions about that abuse any way they see fit.

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