Rapper Takayo Nembhard was stabbed to death in Ladbroke Grove

Mr Nembhard, referred to as TKorStretch, from Bristol, was attacked in Ladbroke Grove at about 20:00 BST on Monday. Police had to drag him out of a massive crowd and offer emergency first aid. He later died in a west London hospital. The deadly assault was one of seven reported stabbings on the event on Monday evening. The other six led to non-fatal accidents.

The ambulance was called and Takayo was rushed to the West London Hospital. However, he succumbed to his injuries later and passed away earlier than midnight. “At around 8 PM on Monday, August 29 officials have become aware of a stabbing in Ladbroke Grove, under the Westway flyover,” stated the Metropolitan police statement.

“Officers provided emergency first aid to the victim – a 21-year-old man – till the arrival of London ambulance service paramedics. They have been able to extract him through significant crowds in difficult situations to a waiting ambulance. “He was taken to a west London hospital where, regardless of the great efforts of medical staff, he was pronounced dead. His next of family have been informed and are being supported by specialist officers.”

TKorStretch’s Manager, Chris Patrick, Pays Tribute to the Rapper

Chris Patrick, Takayo Nembhard’s manager who represented him, announced and confirmed the tragic news of his untimely demise. He took to Instagram and shared an emotional put up remembering the rapper. “2 years ago a young 19-year-old guy got here from Bristol to meet me at my Studio with his dad, his call was Takayo Nembhard AKA TKorStretch,” he wrote. “That meeting took us on a journey … we recorded a few great music together. His skills was endless and I can tell you guys he was close to greatness!

“So it’s with a heavy heart that I bring the news that Takayo (TKorStretch) passed away last night. He got here from Bristol to absolutely have a good time on the London carnival and this is the end result. “My deepest condolences to TK’s Mother & Father his Brother, 2 Sisters, Girlfriend, and child that will never meet his father! He concluded the post by stating: “TK was a good kid, a good guy, and what has happened breaks my heart … Rest in peace, my Friend.” Takayo’s numerous different friends and lovers have been paying respect to the deceased on social media platforms. Everyone is mourning the loss of the talented young man.

Who was Takayo Nembhard a.k.a TKorStretch?

Takayo Nembhard was born in 2001 in Bristol, England. He was popularly known through his stage name “TKorStretch.” The rapper was a former Football participant who played for Bristol Rovers. However, he turned to drill music after sustaining an damage in his right leg. TKorStretch has over 300,000 performs on one of his songs on Spotify, and round 11,000 month-to-month listeners at the platform.

Some of his biggest hits consist of Flamenco Dance (2021), Aosd (2020), Caliweed (2020), Jesus Piece (2021), and Visions (2021). He was controlled through London-based music producer Chris Patrick of Rockizm Music. TKorStretch met him  years ago and had been working under his label since then. The young rapper was traveling the Notting Hill Carnival while he was stabbed to death this Monday.

Who killed Takayo Nembhard a.k.a TKorStretch?

Takayo Nembhard a.k.a TKorStretch was stabbed to death through an unknown character who isn’t recognized yet. The Metropolitan Police has began a homicide investigation and stated masses of people have been in the immediate place under the Westway flyover on the time of the tragic event. “The atmosphere over the past  days has been largely nice and good-natured as Carnival ought to be,” CDR Alison Heydari stated. “Regrettably, on Monday evening we saw a number of violent incidents, and a 21-year-old guy lost his life.

“Our thoughts are with his family as they come to terms with their terrible loss,” Heydari added.



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