Pete Wisdom’s powers was incorrectly drawn wrong at marvel

In the latest Comic Book Legends Revealed, discover whether an artist accidentally drew Pete Wisdom’s powers incorrectly.

Welcome to Comic Book Legends Revealed! This is the eight hundred and fifty-fourth installment where we look at 3 comic book legends and decide whether or not they are true or false. As usual, there could be 3 posts, one for every of the 3 legends.

COMIC LEGEND: In an early issue, Pete Wisdom was by chance drawn with the powers he had earlier than Warren Ellis brought him to Marvel.


had sincerely been created through Warren Ellis and artist Ben Dilworth (test out this clearly first-class tribute to Dilworth’s work. He in no way clearly cracked into the mainstream, however he clearly did plenty of tremendous impartial work in the overdue 80s/early 1990s) as a part of a pitch to Trident Comics, the British comic book company that grew out of Neptune Distribution. Sadly, the company went under before Ellis and Dilworth’s Electric Angel pitch (approximately a British hero with electricity powers) may want to ever be accepted. So Ellis took the person to Marvel, instead (I suspect that it was a situation in which Ellis owned the character). What’s thrilling, though, is that on Pete Wisdom’s first cover look in Excalibur #88 (drawn through Ken Lashley and Tom Wegryzn), Pete’s powers sure don’t look like “hot kives,” right? Which are Pete Wisdom’s powers in Marvel comics…


Well, there is probably an thrilling motive for that.

Mark Roberts, who ran the outstanding “it Came From Darkmoor” blog (about the British aspect of the Marvel Universe, which got here to a near when Marvel stopped clearly doing a great deal with the British side of the Marvel Universe), stated a while back about that cover being the choice for the trade series of Ellis’ Excalibur stories:

If it is, it seems a bit of an odd choice. That cover shows Pete Wisdom and Kitty Pryde from the Dream Nails storyline. Odd, because it’s kind of an art error. You can see that on that cover Pete Wisdom appears to have some kind of electricity buzzing from his eyes.Why?Well, some of you probably might not know that Pete Wisdom was not originally intended to be a Marvel Comics character. He was created by Warren Ellis and Ben Dilworth as part of a pitch for a title called ‘Electric Angel’ for British based Trident Comics. Wisdom was still and angry young man from Essex, but a man who had command over electricity – not hot plasma knives. Unfortunately Trident went out of business, and that never saw the light of day. Pete Wisdom was later reworked by Ellis, and introduced early into his run on Excalibur. This is the Pete Wisdom we know now. But so I am told, at some point before his powers were changed to the ‘Hot-Knives’ that cover was put together, featuring his originally intended power set. Ellis did of course go back to part of the abandoned power set, later, with another British character, in the form of the brilliant Jenny Sparks from Storm watch and later The Authority. Weird how these things work out, eh? Or so the Urban Legend goes.

However, because it turned out, Warren Ellis answered to Mark’s point by explaining that it changed into really a case of Lashley going off book, and not that Lashley was drawing the previous version of the person, as Ellis had not actually TOLD each person at Marvel about the previous model of the person. As he stated, “Marvel never knew of the previous iteration of that person. That’s only a crazy artist.”

So yeah, it was basically simply creative license, like Todd McFarlane making Batman’s cape ninety feet long or Frank Cho…well…you know what Frank Cho does.

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