He wanted to see focus on Vecna and Will Byers in Stranger Things season 5 : Jamie Campbell Bower

Vecna actor Jamie Campbell Bower has stated that he desired Stranger Things season 5 to pit Will Byers against the villain, and he’s proper about this capacity pairing. A lot is using on Stranger Things five, the very last season of the Netflix hit show. While Stranger Things season 3 was an inconsistent outing that overstuffed the show’s cast and threw in too many moments of huge humor, Stranger Things four was a more cohesive, clever return to shape that made the tale of the series lots clearer, darker, and smarter.

However, that doesn’t imply that Stranger Things season 4 fixed every issue with the show. Most notably, Mike, Jonathan, and Will’s shared storyline went nowhere because the trio have been stranded miles from the rest of the cast and stuck with out anything to do. While Stranger Things season five shouldn’t repeat this mistake now that the group is all returned together in a single location, the series does still want to prioritize the story of Will Byers.

Jamie Campbell Bower’s Comments On Will Vs Vecna

Stranger Things Jamie Campbell Bower and Noah Schnapp as Vecna and Will ByersStranger Things Jamie Campbell Bower and Noah Schnapp as Vecna and Will Byers

On the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Jamie Campbell Bower stated “I would really love to look a journey between Vecna and Will. I do think there’s unfinished enterprise there among the 2 of them. I am a massive fan of this show, and I recognize from kind of skulking round at the net there are human beings suggesting that we might also additionally have visible Vecna in season 1… And I would really like to type of discover that relationship with Will purely.” Bower is accurate to notice that numerous fans theories are circulating online that advise Will Byers will play a major function in defeating Vecna in Stranger Things five, something that season four hinted at when he was the only one to piece together Vecna’s plan in the series finale. However, Will’s person additionally deserves greater consciousness on a character level, which a showdown in opposition to Vecna can also provide.

Even earlier than the series added Eleven, Stranger Things was Will’s tale. Since the opening scenes of the pilot, Stranger Things has followed Will’s struggle in opposition to the Upside Down, and, at the same time as Stranger Things season 4’s choice to sideline Mike and company wasn’t ideal, this did give viewers room to keep in mind simply how central Will’s tale is to Stranger Things as a whole. When Will tearfully broke down at the same time as speaking to Mike, the scene drew interest to simply how a whole lot Will continues to be the human middle of Stranger Things, whether or not he is making an attempt to maintain the companies of increasingly distant friends together in season three or imploring Eleven to be her actual self with Mike in season four. For him to be left out of the very last fight with Vecna could not do the character justice.

In the Stranger Things season four finale’s ultimate scenes, Will is outwardly the most effective one that appreciates how a whole lot Eleven’s despondency over her loss empowers Vecna. Will has a psychic connection to the villain, however he is likewise the sharpest member of the group and their best strategist with regards to planning a huge struggle—just like the very last season’s face-off in opposition to Vecna. There is a cause he’s their dungeon master and, with Joseph Quinn’s tragic Stranger Things season four hero Eddie Munson dead, Will is the best chance that the group has when it comes to making plans an powerful defense against Vecna.

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