Hugh Jackman Returning as Wolverine in Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine in Deadpool three if his character had died (heroically) in 2017’s Logan? Although teaming up with Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is some thing that has been teased in the movies and was hoping for by fans for years, it seems are though a few innovative storytelling will want to be hired to carry the 2 heroes together. As such, a logical manner Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine can return would come by making use of an earlier timeline from Fox’s franchise of X-Men movies.

In 2014, X-Men: Days of Future Past transformed the whole franchise timeline in order that Mystique in no way assassinated Bolivar Trask in 1973. This intended that his Sentinel program was not taken and developed by the government the usage of Mystique’s DNA, ultimately bringing about a darkish dystopia in which mutants had been all however worn out in the future. This revised timeline might then preserve with Logan, which was intended to be Hugh Jackman’s very last movie set in the year 2029, in which Wolverine sacrifices himself to store his clone daughter.

In maintaining with the MCU’s policies about branch realities that are created through time travel, Deadpool ought to team up with a Wolverine from the original X-Men timeline still in existence in preference to the revised one which culminates in Wolverine’s death at the end of Logan. While the revised timeline’s Wolverine can be taken from an earlier point in his timeline before the events of Logan, it’d run the danger of diminishing the ending given to that version of Jackman’s character, one he was able to see through to a very complete and satisfying conclusion. The original timeline’s Logan seems like the better choice, though in reality either version of the character will still be Hugh Jackman’s iconic take at the popular mutant hero. It’s also possible that Jackman’s Wolverine may be an entirely new edition plucked from within the multiverse, however which could run the risk of being disappointing to a sure extent – even though seeing Jackman on-screen again will be exciting nonetheless.

Will Hugh Jackman Be The MCU’s Wolverine?

It does seem rather unlikely that Hugh Jackman may be making an prolonged go back as Wolverine in the MCU past Deadpool 3. After all, Ryan Reynolds did ask Hugh Jackman in the Deadpool three announcement video if he desired to play Wolverine “one more time.” Likewise, Hugh Jackman has now been attached to the role for over 20 years, and Marvel might be seeking to recast the role of Wolverine in the MCU along an entire new cast of mutants as a way to be coming in the close to future. That being said, a Deadpool/Wolverine crew-up movie is hard to pass up given how near Jackman and Reynolds are in real life combined with the hilarious relationship the two heroes have in the comics.


All in all, it’ll be very interesting to look Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine for what will likely be one final hurrah. Teaming up with Deadpool is one of the final matters at the bucket list his character never got to do after X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Despite the character’s death in Logan, the multiverse provides an infinite number of possibilities for Wolverine’s return in Deadpool 3, though the Logan from the original timeline does seem to make the most sense before a brand new Wolverine likely debuts in the MCU’s future.

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