Elektra Found a Genius way, to beat Wolverine Healing Factor

While Wolverine may also declare to be the best there is at what he does, he is found someone even better in the ninja assassin Elektra. Wolverine’s healing aspect makes him a powerful foe, however even deadlier fighters like Elektra have found ways around his well-known mutant powers.

Wolverine and Elektra have crossed paths in many instances during the years, sometimes as allies, sometimes as enemies. The MC2 universe even starred Rina Logan, their potential daughter. Each is skilled in martial arts and weaponry, and feature regularly come to blows with ancient ninja clan the Hand. Both additionally have problem fitting in with “normal” society, their violent natures and difficult exteriors making it tough for them to set up near relationships. They’re also each used to being the heroes others name on when moral lines need to be crossed, which means there are instances after they find themselves on different sides of the fence.


Wolverine’s Claws Get A Demonic Upgrade Thanks To New Armored Costume

In the well-known Wolverine ‘Enemy of the State’ arc written by Mark Millar and drawn by John Romita Jr. and Klaus Jansen, Logan is brainwashed by Hydra and the Hand, turned against each SHIELD and his fellow superheroes. The resultant tale sees Wolverine causing havoc throughout the Marvel Universe under the route of evil mutant the Gorgon. In, Wolverine #21, Wolverine infiltrates a SHIELD helicarrier, which brings him into war with Elektra, employed by the secret agent agency to help cope with the situation. Surprisingly, no matter her loss of powers, Elektra profits the top hand, and Wolverine wishes Hydra’s assist to get loose and maintain the fight.

Skill Beats Mutant Powers

During their fight, Elektra’s techniques are green and brutal, tactically the usage of Wolverine’s healing aspect to her advantage. First, Elektra patiently waits even as Wolverine dices up a squad of SHIELD agents, looking how he movements and patiently waiting for the opportune second to strike. When she finally does, the assassin doesn’t waste time – Elektra stabs her sai into Wolverine’s deltoid muscles, immediately paralyzing him. When Wolverine’s handlers control to loose him, she then is going on to push Logan’s healing aspect to the limit, not giving the mutant even a second to capture his breath. “Neck wound. Bad one, too,” Wolverine muses to himself as Elektra tears him apart, “Gives me some thing messy to heal – make it unsightly as she can.” It’s a first-rate method on Elektra’s part. Wolverine isn’t invulnerable, after all – he still has to watch for his healing aspect to kick in before his wounds can completely restore themselves. By focusing on wounds that take longer to heal, overloads Wolverine’s healing aspect and speedy gains the top hand in the fight. Wolverine’s claws and healing factor often permit him to triumph in melee fights, however Elektra’s sheer skill overcomes these huge advantages.

Elektra does matters in a different way than the villains who try and take on Wolverine, focusing on specific, planned strikes rather than most damage, and looking for answers that work around or alongside his healing, not against it. It’s because of this that Elektra proves herself to be perhaps the greatest fighter in the Marvel Universe, and one of the few people to take on Wolverine one-on-one and defeat him despite his mutant healing factor.

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