Reed Richards Death, is MCU Setup for Franklin Richards Debut

Reed Richards’ presence in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness means that one person who may want to stop the Multiverse Saga additionally exists someplace in the MCU’s Earth-838 – Franklin Richards. The son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, Franklin is an Omega-stage mutant with the power to alternate reality. After numerous incursions threatened to ruin the Multiverse entirely, Franklin actually shaped universes as a way to help restore it, potentially signposting the best multiverse ending.

Because of his backstory and the way his cosmic powers work, Franklin Richards is probably the maximum one-of-a-kind overpowered superhuman archetype in Marvel’s modern roster. After helping save the Multiverse, Franklin misplaced his powers, after which tried however didn’t regain them with the help of Doctor Doom. Franklin also located out from Professor X that he is not actually a mutant – the mutation gene was only present in his DNA because he subconsciously altered it at a molecular level when he become nonetheless very young. Curiously, again when Franklin’s parents struggled to find a person who may want to cope with a child with god-like powers, it become the centuries-old witch Agatha Harkness who became Franklin Richards nanny.

If Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness really did secretly reveal that Franklin exists in the MCU, then the Multiverse Saga may also have already got its ending. While the death of Reed Richards may also appear to set Franklin up as a villain in the MCU, making Franklin the long-term savior of the multiverse – and the one to reset it – might be a way better adaptation of the person. In the end of MCU Phase 6, Franklin may want to use his father’s death as a lesson for why the boundaries between universes want to be controlled, organizing a “fixed” model of the Multiverse out of the ashes of Secret Wars.

Why Franklin Richards Is Better As A Hero Than A Villain

If Marvel hopes to copy or exceed the success of the Infinity Saga in Avengers: 0Secret Wars, the MCU’s future desires to consist of a heroic Franklin Richards. Apart from how he saved the Multiverse, Franklin’s backstory was almost written for the MCU. For starters, Reed had to steal the Cosmic Rod of Annihilus as a source of anti-matter energy simply to keep Sue from the complications of pregnancy with Franklin. When Annihilus then kidnapped Franklin and tried to use the baby’s powers, Annihilus lost control, and Reed had to use an anti-count weapon to place Franklin in a coma – preventing his child from unleashing a psionic blast that might’ve killed everyone in the solar system. Later, after Reed and Sue had been abducted and tortured through Mephisto and Franklin was trapped inside a crystal, Doctor Strange freed Franklin, and then the child destroyed Mephisto in seconds. As a child, Franklin not only resurrected Galactus, however additionally fought off Celestials through causing flowers to grow inside them. If the MCU’s Celestials are villains, Franklin might be one of the only a few characters who can virtually take them on single-handedly.

Although Doctor Strange 2’s brutal murder of Reed Richards and Franklin’s comic book history could also lay the foundations for the rise of the best MCU Phase 7 villain, Franklin desires to be a hero first, that may appear in MCU Phase 6. Through Scarlet Witch, the MCU already confirmed the darkest aspect of getting cosmic and immeasurably colossal powers. Franklin Richards can serve to reveal the alternative aspect of the coin – how a child with mostly good intentions can cope with omnipotence and use it for stopping instead of causing tears in reality. Alongside Wong, Doctor Strange, and likely Agatha Harkness, Franklin actually has the powers to reverse the effects of Multiverse incursions, which can be sure to multiply because the Multiverse Saga sets up Secret Wars and Battle world.​​ That said, it is probably similarly interesting to look how Franklin may want to start as a villain hunting down every variant of the Scarlet Witch. In any case, with Secret Wars being on the horizon, the Multiverse Saga needs Franklin Richards.

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