Doctor Doom vs. Galactus – Who Should Be the next Villain in Fantastic four Reebot?

Ever since the announcement of the Fantastic Four movie in order to be a part of the upcoming Phase 6 of the MCU, enthusiasts can not hold calm for the information of the plot in addition to the cast, crew, and director that will try to revive this broken team again into action.

As far as the antagonists are concerned, it seems that Marvel would really like to deliver Doctor Doom again into focus however, a unique concept states that Galactus may be the following villain withinside the film.

Galactus or Doctor Doom? who is the better villain ?

It is constantly a tough selection when deciding on who the better villain is for the story. From the titles and the information showed, Kang the conquerer may be gambling a first-rate position in the upcoming Phase 5 & 6 of the MCU. It has been found out that Kang may be the main antagonist in the tieing Avengers film, Avengers: Kang Dynasty.

That leaves us with a sweet spot at the antagonist throne in Avengers: Secret Wars. It is very unlikely that a linear plotline may be observed from the comics by the guys over at Marvel Studios’ headquarters, however thinking about the comics, it’s far none other than Doctor Doom who has a key position in the books.

Doctor Doom desires to be set up before Avengers: Secret Wars

Considering the comics, it’s far very likely that Doctor Doom desires to be set up in the grand finale of the Multiverse saga. Therefore, he desires to be in the Fantastic Four film with the intention to be upcoming in the year 2024. But, some other concept states that Galactus must be the main antagonist in the finale considering the fact that he’s a far greater effective entity in the universe.

There is no indication whether Kang may be in Avengers: Secret Wars, not to mention be the movie’s major villain. In the comics, Kang is generally greater tied with time journey and trade timelines than with the multiverse, and it might now no longer be sudden if Kang isn’t the final villain in the MCU’s Secret Wars.

Should that be the case, then Doctor Doom is the maximum apparent preference for the Multiverse Saga’s final antagonist. However, for Doom to work as a key character in Secret Wars, the villain should be nicely set up beforehand.

While Doom ought to cameo in lots of Marvel films up till Secret Wars, there may be no higher vicinity to set up the character and his motivations than in Fantastic Four.

It became a glimpse of Galactus that fans were given to witness in Fantastic Four: The Rise of Silver Surfer (2007). Silver Surfer was a servant of Galactus which makes Galactus the main antagonist to be feared. Eating planets to survive, Galactus is a cosmic entity that became born with the introduction of the universe.

It isn’t showed who the antagonist may be (rooting for Galactus) however thinking about Marvel to be looking after the timeline, it’s going to without a doubt be a amusing watch.

Release date of fantastic four?

Fantastic Four is slated for a release date of eighth November 2024.

However, It will be very interesting to see who will be the villain in the upcoming Reebot of fantastic four.

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