Disney’s Voice Actor of Pocahontas arrested for disorderly Behavior

Irene Bedard, the girl behind the speaking voice of the titular heroine in Disney’s Pocahontas, was arrested Friday in Ohio for disorderly behavior, police confirm.

A report from the Xenia Police Division, obtained by PEOPLE, defined that Major Osburn and Major Johnson had observed  ladies arguing on the road earlier than one, who was later identified as Irene Bedard-Wilson, “walked out into the road screaming, without any regard for traffic.”

The  officers separated Bedard, 55, from the opposite girl, identified as Sheila Johnson. A third officer then arrived and spoke to Bedard along with one of the officials already at the scene.

A representative for Bedard did not right now respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. According to the report, “as [Bedard] spoke, there has been a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage on her breath,” though she instructed officials she had not had anything to drink that day. She did disclose, though, that the day prior, she had consumed a bottle of vodka.

Bedard defined to officials that Johnson have been looking to assist her into her “studio,” though she was unable to find her keys. The report stated she was not able to provide officials the name of someone to call on her behalf, and declined an offer of being brought to the hospital.

Police stated the actress was calm at points though her “feelings changed rapidly” and he or she would become upset — even crying. The report explained that, at one point, Johnson attempted to provide the name of a person they could name for Bedard however the latter “yelled that she did not want that person called and ran away from us screaming.”

The file stated that Bedard have become angry on the officials at one point, referencing a “preceding incident in which she stated police did not help her.”

Police defined that Bedard later backed into a huge window “as she continued to yell at us” and, out of worry of the glass breaking, one officer grabbed Bedard’s arm and pulled her away. After confirming that there was not another person to name on her behalf, Bedard was instructed that she was under arrest, the report explained.

Arrest order has been filed

The actress was taken to Greene County Jail and booked for disorderly behavior, though TMZ, who was first to file the arrest, was instructed she was released on Sunday.

The file referenced an in advance incident that day that worried a girl defined to be carrying the identical issue Bedard changed into carrying on the time of her arrest. Police stated officials have been alerted that a girl changed into exceeded out withinside the trees and have been dispatched to do a welfare check. Once they arrived, the character had left, aleven though they discovered a automobile registered to Bedard parked in loads subsequent door.

According to TMZ, the actress was also arrested two times again in 2020 over a three-day period. The outlet reported that Bedard was booked on charges of assault, domestic violence and resisting arrest the first time and posted bond. Court data show that the attack and domestic-violence prices were droped, and that she pleaded guilty to resisting arrest, criminal damages and disorderly behavior.

The 2nd time, TMZ mentioned, Bedard changed into booked for disorderly behavior and launched with out bail. She later pleaded responsible to the second one charge, in line with courtroom docket data.

In addition to starring in Smoke Signals (1998) and voicing Pocahontas withinside the 1995 film of the identical call, Bedard additionally gave animators for Pocahontas a bodily inspiration. “While we have been recording, the animators filmed me to apply as a reference for expression and frame movement. They additionally captured sure facial expressions and the manner my fingers moved,” the actress instructed UltimateDisney.com in 2005.

She brought on the time, “My 2-year-old already recognizes ‘Mommy’ on the screen. My brother came all of the way from Alaska to the Central Park premiere and throughout the screening, he continuously nudged me because he identified traits of mine.”

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