Fans are waiting to see Miyagi Verse player after ‘Cobra Kai season 5’

Cobra Kai” has brought a constant trickle of characters from the “Karate Kid” universe considering Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) had their awkward reunion at Daniel’s vehicle mobile dealership in Season 1. First got here Johnny’s old dojo buddies Bobby (Ron Thomas), Tommy (Rob Garrison), and Jimmy (Tony O’Dell), then their old sensei, John Kreese (Martin Kove). Randee Heller pops in occasionally as Daniel’s mom Lucille, and he has short reunions with Yuna (Traci Toguchi) and Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita) in Season 3.

Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue), who dated both Johnny and Daniel way back when, makes a short however a lot-predicted and remarkable appearance late in Season 3, however the largest impact by a acquainted character so far comes when the asteroid of evil this is Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) returns to run Cobra Kai in Season four. As he leads the surge of darkish energy that runs via a lot of Season five, Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) comes back and joins Johnny, Daniel, and Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) — another old rival — to carry down Silver and Cobra Kai. But with the roster of potential returnees all however run through and Kreese escaping from jail as Season five ends, who’s left from the “Karate Kid” universe to come back and help stamp out evil in the San Fernando Valley as soon as and for all.

Hilary Swank’s Julie Pierce has yet to appear in Cobra Kai

“The Next Karate Kid” become the fourth installment in the movie series and starred Hilary Swank as Julie Pierce, the granddaughter of an old battle friend of Mr. Miyagi’s (Pat Morita). He takes the currently orphaned and to begin with petulant youngster in as he did with Daniel, and as soon as the old Miyagi magic takes hold, she becomes a disciplined and enthusiastic student. Because the girls’ tournament was not birthed until Season four of “Cobra Kai,” Julie has to accept an outside-the-ring victory against the black hats of “The Next Karate Kid,” the Alpha Elite.

At this year’s PaleyFest, Entertainment Tonight’s Will Marfuggi asked “Cobra Kai” actors about Julie doubtlessly performing in the series. Tanner Buchanan become wildly enthusiastic about the prospect, saying, “I keep asking for that … I hope she does, I keep looking her to come back, so maybe, hopefully at some point.” William Zabka, Thomas Ian Griffith, and Mary Mouser all cited that every returning character has been written into “Cobra Kai” smoothly and without any disorienting storytelling gymnastics, and Ralph Macchio agreed that bringing back Julie might have to comply with this pattern.

Of bringing back characters, he said, “It was always to propel the story forward, and tell those characters … it is about finding out how organically that could work.” Julie and Daniel’s common connection to Miyagi clears the way for her return; now all that’s left is for Swank to Karate Waltz down that path.

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