cobra kai writer “The men and I would really like to make ‘Karate Kid’ and ‘Cobra Kai’ movie hope someday: Cobra Kai writer

Following the recent “Infinity War” level finale of “Cobra Kai” Season 5, it makes feel that fans are hungry for more karate school action from Netflix’s a lot-cherished show, and given how matters went down, they will be getting it on a worldwide scale. With the point out of a karate competition with challengers from across the world, the following installment will unavoidably be a massive one that’ll take us beyond the All-Valley Tournament.

As it turns out, though, a movie theatre might not be hosting this epic event.

Last week, exhilaration ranges reached high-kick ranges after Sony Pictures announced that an all-new feature-length “Karate Kid” movie was in the works that would be the “return of the original ‘Karate Kid’ franchise.” Details have been confined to simply what that could entail, however it was comprehensible for fans of the franchise to enroll in non-existent dots that might hyperlink the assignment to “Cobra Kai.” The ongoing dojo-primarily based totally drama remains unfolding on Netflix, with the authentic cast — comprising Ralph Macchio and William Zabka as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, to call a few — at its core. Surely, if there have been any destiny filmic plans in store, this identical cast and group could be linked to it? Unfortunately, it simplest took a tweet from “Cobra Kai” showrunner Jon Hurwitz to block any oncoming exhilaration … and, in the process, make the complete matter some distance greater confusing.

The new Karate Kid movie will not be connected to Cobra Kai

When a fan of “Cobra Kai” inquired on Twitter about what form of connection Sony Pictures’ future project would have to the show, Jon Hurwitsz broke a few bad news. “The men and I would really like to make ‘Karate Kid’ and ‘Cobra Kai’ movies and hope to someday,” he tweeted back. “But this one is not from us or focused on the ‘Cobra Kai’ cast. Don’t know much about it, but wish it well.”

While Hurwitz is probably wishing it well, the relaxation of the fans obtainable may now be questioning simply how this movie likely connects to “The Karate Kid,” given that a highly popular tale is already certain to it. Is a few twisted, loosely connected tale going to department out from the a lot-cherished franchise like “Ghostbusters: Answer the Call,” for instance? Or will this be any other bankruptcy in the Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan starring reboot from 2010?

Given that we have got not visible Hilary Swank turn up in “Cobra Kai” (even though fans maintain bombarding her with questions about it) might her character — the final student of Miyagi, Julie Pierce — be headed to the massive screen to educate a brand new pupil? Could Sony be making plans the following “The Next Karate Kid,” maybe? For now, we are able to simplest maintain our guard up and wait to discover out.

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