Cobra Kai season 4 : Release date, cast and everything you need to know

We’re now just days away from the release of Cobra Kai season five, and fans are so excited to jump back into the karate universe to discover what the dojos are up to.

Ending of season 4

The very last scenes of Cobra Kai season four are explosive to say the least. In the finale, we get to see the All Valley tournament in which Cobra Kai came out successful because Terry Silver cheats and bribed the ref. Sam was supposed to win against Tory, not the other way around. Tory discovers what happened and is disappointment, burdened on what she have to do. And that’s not the most effective bad thing Silver does in the finale.

Silver additionally frames John Kreese, as we see in a flashback scene that Silver beat up Stingray in trade for a membership with Cobra Kai. When Stingray is in the hospital, he says Kreese became the only who attacked him, and Kreese is arrested on charges of aggravated assault and attempted murder.

As for Miguel, he leaves the All Valley early (and doesn’t even get to see Sam fight!) and comes to a decision he’s going to discover his actual father. Johnny has been a major father figure in his life, however he now looks like he needs to figure out where he came from.

In the final scene of Cobra Kai season four, Daniel is greeted by a welcome guest, someone fans of the Karate Kid films have to know — Chozen! It appears Daniel has enlisted his assist to take down Cobra Kai in the next season.

What is Cobra Kai season five all about?

Coming off that epic ending in season four, there’s an entire lot that’s were given to head down in Cobra Kai season five. Will Johnny and Daniel take Cobra Kai down as soon as and for all We’ll ought to wait to discover, however here’s the legitimate synopsis for the new season from Netflix

Following the shocking outcomes of the All Valley Tournament, Season five reveals Terry Silver increasing the Cobra Kai empire and trying to make his “No Mercy” style of karate the most effective game in town. With Kreese behind bars and Johnny Lawrence setting karate apart to focus on repairing the damage he’s caused, Daniel LaRusso need to call on an old friend for help.

Cobra Kai season five cast

All of our favorites will be returned in the new season, as will some new faces. Some of the new faces must be familiar

Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso

William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence

Xolo Maridueña as Miguel Diaz

Mary Mouser as Samantha LaRusso

Tanner Buchanan as Robby Keene

Jacob Bertrand as Eli ‘Hawk’ Moskowitz

Courtney Henggeler as Amanda LaRusso

Peyton List as Tory Nichols

Martin Kove as John Kreese

Thomas Ian Griffith as Terry Silver

Yuji Okumoto as Chozen Toguchi

Gianni DeCenzo as Demetri Alexopoulos

Vanessa Rubio as Carmen Diaz

Dallas Dupree Young as Kenny Payne

Griffin Santopietro as Anthony LaRusso

Paul Walter Hauser as Raymond “Stingray”

Oona O’Brien as Devon Lee

Sean Kanan as Mike Barnes

Alicia Hannah-Kim as Kim Da-Eun

How many episodes are in Cobra Kai season five?

Like the seasons before it, Cobra Kai season five will include 10 episodes.

When does Cobra Kai season five Release date and time ?

Cobra Kai season five is coming to Netflix so soon! Mark your calendars for Friday, Sept. 9 at 12:00 a.m. PT / 3:00 a.m. ET

How to watch Cobra Kai season five ?

Because the karate dramedy is a Netflix Original, it will release in Netflix.

Cobra Kai season five trailer

As you’d imagine, the Cobra Kai season five trailer is absolutely jam-packed with action from start to finish.

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