Andor Episode 4 long Running Stormtroopers trends

Andor breaks a Star Wars franchise trend by showing the extra common factors of the Imperial military and largely eschewing the iconic Stormtroopers. Given their prominence in the original Star Wars trilogy, it’s miles affordable to perceive Stormtroopers because the Empire’s fashionable foot soldiers, however the lore of each Star Wars canon and Legends clarifies that they are an elite and specialized unit who’re deployed at the Empire’s most critical battlefronts. Andor’s smaller scale and emphasis on the more mundane factors of each the Rebels and the Empire manner that different Imperial military units are, appropriately, proven extra often than Stormtroopers.

While Stormtroopers are elite soldiers who directly put into effect the desire of Emperor Palpatine, the Empire’s basic foot soldiers are Imperial Army Troopers. In Star Wars Legends, the Imperial Army and Stormtrooper Corps are separate military branches, however in canon the Stormtrooper Corps is a specialized branch of the Imperial Army, maintaining the separation of the 2 types of troopers. While Imperial Army Troopers are more common at some point of the Empire’s territory than Stormtroopers, they may be rarely proven in the Star Wars films themselves, with only Return of the Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story offering them on Endor and Mimban, respectively.

Andor episode 4, “Aldhani,” is the Star Wars franchise’s latest tale to encompass Imperial Army Troopers in the shape of Lieutenant Gorn, a member of Vel Sartha’s group of Rebels and a mole inside Aldhani’s Imperial garrison who’s delivered carrying an Imperial Army Trooper uniform. This means that the Imperial garrison on Aldhani is populated by Army Troopers instead of Stormtroopers, that’s fitting, given the planet’s relative obscurity and the Empire’s complacency. Stormtroopers are, each in-universe and in the minds of Star Wars viewers, the closing visual signifiers of an Imperial military presence, however they are not always suitable when a story can use Imperial Army Troopers or local corporate security forces instead.

Why Imperial Army Troopers In Andor Make More Sense Than Stormtroopers

The Imperial Army is present in most original trilogy-era Star Wars material, offering Stormtroopers with armored support (regularly through walkers), making the Imperial Army Troopers themselves scarce. Considering the sheer significance of the battles proven in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the original trilogy, having Stormtroopers be the most outstanding force makes feel. The Imperial garrison on Aldhani is certainly guarding a deliver depot for the Empire in a relatively far flung location, and while it is covered in the air by the Empire’s elite Starfighter Corps, its foot soldiers only want to be basic Army Troopers.

Utilizing Imperial Army Troopers in preference to Stormtroopers makes feel in-universe however it additionally aligns with the general tone of Andor. The series sets out to show the extra normal sides of the Empire and the developing Rebel movement, with its first 3 episodes notably using Corpos (corporate security) in place of true Imperials. While Imperial Army Troopers will likely be the main Imperial foot soldiers encountered by Cassian and his teammates in following episodes of Andor, the series may gradually start incorporating the iconic Stormtroopers into its narrative by the end, showing the progression of both the Rebel and Imperial forces.

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