Diego Luna Confirmed, ‘Andor Season 2’ Will be his Last venture in Star Wars

Diego Luna showed that Andor may be his very last adventure in the galaxy far, far away.

Speaking on an episode of Entertainment Weekly’s Dagobah Dispatch podcast, the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story alum notes that after he finishes up work on Andor Season 2, he might not be back for more. “For me, this is it. It’s a beautiful journey now that I have 24 episodes, 24 shorter films, to tell the tale of where Cassian comes from and the way he got to be the person we met in Rogue One,” Luna explained. The actor elaborated that that is how he loves to approach his projects, noting that the finality grants him a experience of stability. “It does have a starting and an end. Therefore, I can recognize it and I can experience the journey and kind of picture the aim we have. I assume this is needed, in any other case you are usually working to get somewhere else. I do not think that way.”

Andor serves as an beginning tale for the eponymous Star Wars rebel, chronicling the years earlier than his heroic sacrifice to seize and transmit the blueprints to the Empire’s Death Star. Critics have extensively praised the display for analyzing a grittier corner of Lucasfilm’s sci-fi universe, emphasizing the struggles of everyday humans under the rule of an oppressive military force. Luna himself has stated that the show’s darker tone is what sets it apart from different Star Wars stories.

Andor Gets Real

“What I would say is that under is the most grounded Star Wars you may get,” Luna revealed. “This is about the people. There’s no Jedi around, and it is very darkish times in the galaxy.” Showrunner Tony Gilroy persisted this train of idea by explaining that his purpose was to make the show as authentic as possible. “Every day our aspiration in each department, on every costume, every weapon and every sideburn is usually a way to make it real. That’s the overriding manifesto for our show – make it real,” Gilroy said

These sentiments had been echoed by co-star Genevieve O’Reilly, reprising her role as Mon Mothma, who said that Andor’s genre breaks the mold, eschewing the franchise’s expected space opera tone. “At the moment, the Emperor has all of the numbers, and [Mon Mothma] is a very lonely voice,” O’Reilly explained. “In order to change, she has to position her head above the parapet, that’s fairly dangerous, and I think that is what permits for the thriller element that runs through this season.”

The first 3 episodes of Andor are now streaming on Disney+ with new installments releasing every Thursday.

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