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The Star Wars series Andor dives into Rebel operative Cassian Andor’s past, offering vital information regarding his age and origins, which each retcon and connect info from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Before the prequel collection Andor, not much was canonically regarded about Cassian’s character, with a few snippets of information available from his debut look in Rogue One in addition to some Star Wars tie-in publications. Andor is hastily correcting that expertise gap, however, and one Easter egg, in specific, in the show is noteworthy with regards to both his age and addressing an crucial line of debate from the 2016 spinoff movie.

Andor season 1, episode three consists of a flashback to the tile character’s youth, on Kenari. In the sequence, Cassian (Diego Luna) enters a crashed deliver, in which he is located through Maarva (Fiona Shaw) and Clem (Gary Beadle). They determine to take him with them after their salvage operation, as Maarva believes that it will be more secure for the boy. A Republic frigate is on its way to the crash site, and that they consider young Cassian’s friends inadvertently killed an officer. According to, Andor’s flashbacks on Kenari take area previous to the start of the Clone Wars earlier than the Separatist Alliance formally discovered themselves. However, the fallen officials on board the crashed ship wear an insignia bearing a putting resemblance to what might later become the symbol of the Separatists.

Before the show, Cassian Andor was supposedly 4 years old when the Clone Wars began – his date of start had formally been listed in Star Wars media as 26BBY, at the same time as the Clone Wars occurred between 22BBY and 19BBY. However, thinking about those significant flashbacks, it is clear that Cassian was at least 10 years old, if not older, earlier than the Clone Wars even commenced. When Maarva adopts him, and he becomes Cassian, she crafts a new identity for him, claiming he is from the planet Fest. It’s totally possible, therefore, that his date of start was modified to cover his real identity and the fact that he was from Kenari. After the Empire took over, Kenari was restrained because of an environmental disaster, and every person officially from such a planet might have attracted unwanted attention. Even more thrilling than the mystery of his true age, however, are the implications this has for Andor’s role in Rogue One in which he states, “I’ve been in this fight since I was six years old.”

How Cassian Andor’s Age Changes A Rogue One Line

That specific line from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story created many opportunities for Cassian’s character. Considering what was previously thought to be his date of start, it was totally attainable that Cassian were stricken by the Clone Wars whilst he turned into six years old and that his parents were probable killed in a battle, ensuing in his want to fend for himself. The Separatists had been ultimately swallowed up through the Empire, and a person who were affected by the fighting and regime changes at this kind of younger age should effortlessly have believed the 2 aspects had been one and the same, without a difference among them, or possibly he should have even joined them at some point and been indoctrinated while young and impressionable.

However, with what is referred to now following the Andor flashback scenes, this Rogue One line becomes even greater thrilling and mysterious. Who, if not the Separatists or the Empire, had he been fighting or fighting along all that time? It’s clearly viable that this was some other fabrication to preserve Cassian’s secret identity, and but it’s this kind of significant line, stated with so much emotional conviction, that it becomes harder to ignore now there’s greater context to Cassian’s background. What happened to his parents? How did such a big group of youngsters end up living by themselves in the forest of Kenari? Hopefully, Andor will offer greater solutions because the display continues, when you consider that currently Cassian’s historical past is a fascinating, carefully constructed web of falsehoods.

New episodes of Andor release Wednesdays on Disney+.

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