Texas Chainsaw Massacre Kill Count is all set for ‘Requel’

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an American horror franchise inclusive of 9 slasher movies, comics, and a video game version of the original movie. The franchise specializes in the cannibalistic spree killer Leatherface and his own circle of relatives, who terrorize unsuspecting site visitors to their territories in the desolate Texas countryside, generally killing and subsequently cooking them. The original movie was released in 1974, directed and produced by Tobe Hooper and written by Hooper and Kim Henkel. Hooper and Henkel have been involved in 3 of the later movies.

The movie series has grossed over $252 million at the worldwide box office.

A new video for Texas Chainsaw Massacre breaks down each kill on this year’s grizzly sequel/reboot. Tobe Hooper’s original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre from 1974 has long gone down as one of the nice horror movies of the ‘70s, introducing the arena to the now iconic Leatherface. However, seeing that then, all sequels, reboots, and prequels have struggled to match the success of the original. The maximum recent attempt, David Blue Garcia’s sequel/reboot simply titled Texas Chainsaw Massacre, retconned all different movies other than the original and brought back Sally Hardesty, this time performed with the aid of using Olwen Fouéré. Unfortunately, like maximum entries to this long-running horror franchise, the reboot acquired in large part bad reviews upon release.

Even though Texas Chainsaw Massacre turned into a disappointment for many, there’s no denying the movie turned into full of brutal kills. One of the earliest murders suggests Leatherface breaking a paramedic’s arm and stabbing him in the throat together along with his very own shattered bone. Things most effective get more extreme from there, with Leatherface bashing a individual’s head in with a sledgehammer and later mowing down a bus complete of human beings together along with his chainsaw. Even Sally receives a frightening death by getting impaled with a chainsaw, lifted up into the air, and thrown across the street.

One of the latest videos from Dead Meat breaks down all of those kills and the others from the sequel/reboot, highlighting Leatherface’s fondness for chucking his guns at his victims this time around. At 38 kills, 2022’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the deadliest film in the franchise, almost doubling the quantity of kills in the previous movie, 2017’s Leatherface.

Gore turned into noticeably absent from the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre however was still incredibly eerie, that’s a part of the purpose it has grow to be a horror classic. The latest movie took the other approach, prioritizing graphic kills over a strong story, a trope many horror films sadly fall into. Some of the largest proceedings have been Sally being shoehorned into the plot in addition to the Sawyer family being absent once they had formerly been intrinsically related to Leatherface’s motivations and emotions. Sally’s return turned into strikingly similar to Laurie Strode’s successful return in 2018’s Halloween, but Texas Chainsaw Massacre did not deliver a profitable character arc in favor of giving Leatherface another bloody kill.

The reviews for Texas Chainsaw Massacre might also additionally have been bad, however the movie turned into still a success for Netflix. In the first 3 days of its release, it turned into streamed for over 29 million hours. Given the movie’s post-credit scene and Garcia’s preceding comments approximately having thoughts for a sequel, it appears likely Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 will happen. The today’s movie turned into in no way expected to interrupt the mold of the horror franchise, and it’s clean a few audiences simply tune in to observe Leatherface pass around butchering human beings in a grizzly fashion. Texas Chainsaw Massacre introduced on that front, however hopefully the sequel will offer greater than just graphic kills.

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