Huge Fan theory confirmed by House of Dragon

House of the Dragon episode four confirms a main concept about how Aegon’s dream connects to a huge Game of Thrones prophecy. While the significance of prophecies, dreams, and magic reputedly held little weight in the tale of Game of Thrones, that is quite the opposite for House of the Dragon. After reprimanding Rhaenyra for jeopardizing the steadiness of her fame as inheritor and consequently the Targaryens’ unity in the realm, King Viserys explains that Aegon’s dream is greater than everything, which become absolutely proved true by the endings of Daenerys and Jon Snow, Game of Thrones’ Targaryens.

House of the Dragon’s premiere ended with a twist at the Targaryen legacy in Westeros, as Viserys found out to Rhaenyra the secret of Aegon the Conqueror’s Song of Ice and Fire dream. Passed down best through Targaryen kings and their declared heirs, Aegon had a imaginative and prescient that foresaw the approaching of the White Walkers, indicating that a Targaryen king or queen should take a seat down at the Iron Throne and unite the area that allows you to defeat the cold and dark. Aegon’s dream sounded a ways too much like Game of Thrones’ Prince That Was Promised prophecy to be a coincidence, inspiring many fan theories about the 2 being one and the same.

Viserys explaining the origins of the Targaryens’ Valyrian steel dagger (the equal one which killed the Night King in Game of Thrones) in House of the Dragon episode four’s ending confirmed the principle that Aegon’s dream was the equal prophecy as The Prince That Was Promised. Before Aegon’s death, pyromancers inscribed his prophecy into the catspaw dagger, which reads, “From my blood come the prince that was promised, and his might be the tune of ice and fire.” Aegon’s dream is consequently an extension of the Lord of Light’s Prince That Was Promised prophecy, revealing that the estimated savior would come from the Targaryen line in Westeros. With Aegon’s prophecy being similar to the Prince That Was Promised, House of the Dragon is establishing a far extra unified imaginative and prescient of Game of Thrones’ overall tale, and giving extra intensity to the final destinies of Daenerys, Jon, and House Targaryen.

Who Was The Prince That Was Promised In Game Of Thrones?

In Game of Thrones, Melisandre preached that the Lord of Light’s savior, the Prince That Was Promised, might be born amidst “salt and smoke,” pull Lightbringer from the flames, and use this weapon to battle and defeat the darkness. In addition to the facts from Aegon’s prophecy in House of the Dragon, extra weight is given to the belief that each Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen observe to the outline of the Prince That Was Promised. Both are of Targaryen blood, have been queen and king (though neither sat at the Iron Throne all through the fight), and labored together to unite the realm against the White Walkers. They also each had moments of being born amidst salt and smoke with Azor Ahai’s prophesied “bleeding star” being visible at very important moments of their journeys.

While Jon Snow has been extensively common because the Prince That Was Promised after Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon means that he and Daenerys Targaryen shared the title. Melisandre become a fierce believer in both Jon and Daenerys having essential roles in the Prince That Was Promised prophecy, so Aegon honestly may also have not visible that  Targaryens might unite to store the living. Lightbringer is in which the imaginative and prescient is muddled, as House of the Dragon shows the Valyrian steel dagger inscribed with Aegon’s dream is the prophesied weapon to defeat the Night King. In Game of Thrones’ ending, it was proven to be the weapon to defeat the dark and cold, however was wielded by Arya Stark in preference to Jon or Daenerys. However, Daenerys’ dragons were taken into consideration a substitution for Lightbringer, in addition to hypothesis that Jon Snow himself was the weapon.

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