Dune: Spice Wars – Everything We Know So Far

Frank Herbert famously stated that dread is the mind-killer, but after decades of waiting, gamers can now put their concerns to rest knowing that a new Dune game is on the horizon, thanks to the announcement of a new Dune game.

There was a slew of announcements and reveals during the 2021 Game Awards, but one of the most surprising was Dune: Spice Wars, developed by Shiro Games and released this month.

While the Dune franchise is experiencing renewed vigor as a result of the new film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s world-renowned sci-fi novels, no one expected a tie-in game to be announced, let alone one that would follow in the footsteps of the classic Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty from way back in 1992. But that is exactly what has happened.

While the roots of most genres are hazy at best, it is nearly unquestionable that Dune 2: The Building of a Dynasty was the first true real-time strategy game ever created by an independent developer.

The return of Dune: Spice Wars to the genre is all the more suitable in light of this, and Shiro Games, the developers of Northgard, appear to be an excellent choice to bring the series back in its current form.

This game is much closer than you may anticipate, and while spice is the most important factor in controlling the universe, information is a close second in terms of importance. Everything we know about Dune: Spice Wars is listed below.

Dune: Spice Wars Release Date

Dune: Spice Wars has a tight turnaround time from the time of its announcement at the end of 2021 to a release window in the second half of 2022. When we take a closer look, things become a little more complicated.

As part of the early access program, PC players will be able to provide feedback on “ensuring accessibility while remaining true to the essence of Frank Herbert’s work and creating a unique game where the very interesting features of Frank Herbert’s Dune universe are translated into a compelling gameplay experience,” the developers have announced.

However, they do mention later on how long this early access period may last, so keep an eye out for that. “Our current estimate ranges from 9 to 12 months, depending on how soon we are able to achieve our goals and put all of our intended features and content into place. “However, there is no rush.”

According to those quotes, it appears that the “release date” refers to the early access version of the game, rather than the final product as a whole.

If early access will continue between 9 and 12 months, then the most accurate release date for Dune: Spice Wars would be 2023, according to the most recent information.


There is currently no official list of platforms that Dune: Spice Wars will be available on; however, we can say with certainty that it will be available on PC via Steam due to the fact that a store page has already been set up in preparation for the game’s early access debut. When it came to an RTS game of this nature, the PC was almost a given.

As far as other platforms are concerned, it’s nearly hard to anticipate their future development.

However, if Dune: Spice Wars proves to be too sophisticated, it may end up being a PC-only title, as has happened with certain recent real-time strategy games.

We will have a better notion of what to expect once the game is released in early access or the studio formally announces the platforms.


Because the official announcement video for Dune: Spice Wars is only a little more than a minute in length, there isn’t a lot to see, but there is plenty to learn about the game from the sand.

After an opening shot of the desert city of Arrakis under assault, the video transitions to a series of voice-overs that quote a few significant words from the novels and offer observations about power and battle.

The voices soon blend together until there is no discernible difference between them, and the camera continues to pull out from the city, displaying the vast desert and a big sandworm before revealing that the entire scene was held in the palm of a massive palm.

When the hand closes and crushes the scene into a billow of sand, the last words we hear are “This is my vengeance.” All of the voices at once say, “This is my Dune,” and that’s the last thing we see.


As an RTS, we know what to expect from Dune: Spice Wars right away. What’s more, it’s said to include 4X components. Unbeknownst to most people, the 4X acronym stands for explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate.

The crew has spoken on how things will operate in Dune. “The Dune universe lends itself to a strategy game. Major factions like House Atreides and House Harkonnen have a centuries-old feud. Basically, it’s all about the most valuable substance in the universe: Spice.

Then there’s Arrakis, a dangerous world full of hidden wonders to discover. sandworms big enough to eat armies, sandstorms, spice harvesters, all of which our fantastic developers put into this game.”

The initial gameplay clip showed basic ground and air units exploring Arrakis. Like in an RTS game, units move in groups and new structures can be built.

When the map zooms out, the game looks more like a management sim, with defined zones, resources, and political information.

Assign operatives to various locations to conduct missions such as setting up probes, fighting drugs, and counterintelligence activities. These agents have levels and probably get better with age.

Pre-Order & Final Words

You won’t be able to pre-order Dune: Spice Wars until the early access period begins, but you can add the game to your Steam wish list in preparation for when it does.

That is still an indeterminate time in 2022, and it will be much more time after that before full pre-orders are even made available to the public on the internet.

The transition from early access to full release, at least on PC, may even result in the cancellation of pre-orders, as the early access version will technically serve as a replacement for the full release.

This is another piece of information that we will need to keep an eye on in the upcoming weeks and months.

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