About Us

Calvin Caller sheds light on the most significant and recent discoveries in Latest Top Stories, Politics, technology, startups, health, and science through concise pieces.

Emerging technology is reshaping our society and culture’s future. Our objective is to assemble, document, and disseminate informed reports on transformational technological and scientific advances that have the potential to fundamentally alter our culture, lives, and industries.

Our goal is to establish a long relationship with our readers by providing them with interesting topics and detailed research that they will love reading and sharing with their friends and family.

We accomplish this by reporting, reviewing, and analysing the latest findings in an easily digestible format and categorising them into one of eleven categories: ambitious, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, cybersecurity, energy and environment, future comics, machine age 2.0, mobile, science, and space, and virtual reality / augmented reality.

In our trendy section, you’ll find the hottest themes that are causing everyone to discuss or chuckle. From viral videos of robots performing stupid acts to ‘ordinary’ people creating incredible things; from popular culture to underground hidden gems, if it’s trending online, it’s fashionable.

Calvin Caller is the result of the efforts of enthusiastic technologists who try to accelerate the development of disruptive technology in the hope of ensuring our society’s greatest possible future.

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