A Rat’s Quest – The Way Back Home, the upcoming rodent action-adventure game from publisher HandyGames and developer The Dreamerians, has received new gameplay footage from the developers.

A Rat's Quest

The game was first revealed two years ago, with new features and updates being released on an irregular basis since then. Currently, the game’s makers have released a new trailer for the game, which sheds additional insight on the game’s mechanics and storyline.

Playing as Mat the Rat, players will navigate through numerous stages from the perspective of a rat, crawling and climbing their way through a variety of different environments.

Another key selling point for the developers is the tale’s animation film-level storytelling, which includes fully voice-acted and vividly animated cutscenes that depict Mat’s story.

Another important selling point for the makers is the story’s animated film-level storytelling.

A Plague Tale: Innocence may be a turn-off for individuals who have rodent-related phobias, but the trailer’s cheery and light tone implies that the game will be much more Ratatouille than A Plague Tale: Innocence.

A Rat’s Quest Release Date

Despite the fact that there is no official release date for A Rat’s Guest – The Way Back Home just yet, the game will be accessible on PC, the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One.

Key Features of A Rat’s Quest

The Game’s official features list states the following:

– Moving Story: Experience a story about love, friendship and keeping promises in three acts.
– Rat Mode: Climb, jump, crawl, slither and sneak like a rodent.
– Hybrid Gameplay: Experience the narrowness in walls and under the floor by a switching perspective between 3D platforming, side-scrolling and top-down.

A Rat's Quest

– Full Immersion: Compasses are for humans. Make your own path! No mini-map,no waypoints… just your rodent survival instincts.
– Tough as Nails: No armor, no ordinance drops. Use the world and your wits to overcome overwhelming danger.
– A Rat’s Evolution: Gather gadgets and “add-ons” to survive the way back -home…
– Quests and Choices: Try different approaches when solving riddles and quests.

Final Words

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