6 Most Beautiful Movies to Watch Now

There are films so perfect that their earthly origin is questionable. They delight us with their mere existence, they distract us from the mundanity of everyday life, they inspire our creativity and feed our ravenous imagination.

Only Lovers Left Alive

When you watch this movie, you forget what it’s about, like when you play the most beautiful slots at NationalCasino.com/en_nz/casino/slots. Because it’s so beautiful. The plot is based on the relationship of Adam and Eve, whose feelings have stood the test of time. And this is not just a turn of phrase. The fact is that they are ardent, tender and passionate, they have been in love with each other for several hundred years. Adam and Eve are vampires who have invented their own code of conduct. They have chosen a life of quiet, out of sight. It is not uncommon for them to live away from each other. She in warm, spicy countries, he in concrete gray cities. Their main “domestic” difficulty is blood.

Faa Yeung Nin Wa

A stunningly beautiful film about two lonely people who live in a Hong Kong communal apartment and gradually grow closer. Their spouses are never home, and the world around them is imbued with a special mood that is simply impossible to resist. The light, flowing music, the magic of color, the simplicity and expressiveness of the character, the hypnotic repetitions of smooth movements – all this fascinates and draws you into the depths of that feeling that is never meant to come true.


One of Federico Fellini’s most captivating films. The structure of the film is reminiscent of dreams and daydreams – it is a delicate lace woven from lyrical, funny and obscene scenes generated by the memories and imagination of the great director. A small Italian town, the little boy Titta, little people, things and events are woven together in a colorful and charming picture painted by the hand of a true genius.


Dr. Ryan Stone, under the command of Matt Kowalski, performs repair work in outer space. The Russians shoot down their satellite and fragments from the explosion fly directly to the station, which causes an explosion and the station collapses. The entire crew, except for Stone and Kowalski who were overboard, are killed. Now the astronauts have to somehow get to the Chinese station, where there is a rescue module.


Eve is a woman of perfect taste. Arthur is her husband. The couple has three grown daughters, each of whom is talented in her own way. It would seem that everything is great, especially since the family is really rich, and you can live at your own pleasure. But Arthur is tired of Eve and decides to leave the family: instead of a perfect but suffering wife, he found a cheerful, albeit very ordinary, woman. The drama of the break-up was the subject of a film that starred brilliant actresses Geraldine Page, Diane Keaton and Mary Beth Hurt. The picture won five Oscar nominations, including for best set. The film is flawless in terms of the built interiors and will definitely appeal to all fans of minimalism.

Bom Yeoreum Gaeul Gyeoul Geurigo Bom

A profoundly meditative film about time, destiny, human life, and the vast incomprehensibility of a beautiful and mysterious world. The action is set far away from civilization, in the abode of an old monk. His apprentice is a young boy, who is destined to a hard and ordeal-filled life. But neither the teacher nor the apprentice himself can stop fate’s hard work, just as time itself cannot be stopped.

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