Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Texas' Austin City sold to Elon Musk

The Texas’ Governor Greg Abbott has passed a bill on Thursday. In that bill he had authorised the purchase of Austin City except the Capital buliding and University of Texas Campus. All this was sold to the founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk. However, this purchase by Elon Musk has shocked everyone. However, it was proclaimed that an end to a century’s worth of frustration and a great day for the school children of Texas. In context to this statement the Governor of Texas has signed this law. Also the Governor has given the title to Elon Musk. He gave him the title of Iron Mayor. There are lot many information came forward about the purchase of Austin. So now let’s  look over the details of this purchase.

Sale Price of the city

As the city was sold to Elon Musk. But the sale price of the city remains undisclosed. As according to the sources it was found that this purchase only represent a small fraction of Musk’s $164 billion fortune. As Elon Musk became the richest man of the world surpassed Jeff Bezos who stands $185 billion. So this purchase seems to be a small fraction of his income. This will be a big investment for the Elon Musk.

Seats of Government in Austin

However, the city has been sold to Elon Musk. But it was found that there will be no change in seats of government. Also, it will be accessed along with the flagship universities. These will be operated through Enfield Road, across Red Blue Isle to the city of West Lake Hills. It was also confirmed that the city of West Lake Hills, after annexing the properties will now become the new capital city of the state.


As earlier this information of the purchase of the city was considered fake. But the signing ceremony was held live. Elon Musk has appeared in the ceremony via hologram and made comments. He further added that if there is any kind of scandal about him call it elongate. In Texas, this holding was not appreciated by some people but some are happy with this decision.

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