Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

The Covid situation began in late 2019, the situations started getting dense in February of 2020 and got word by late 2020 and now the second strain has been the most volatile of them all. Corona has proved to be the most dangerous virus of the century and has killed people you can’t keep count of. The worst part is even after countries have made vaccines, the situation refuses to stop its curse.

Things are getting worst with the second strain and keeping that in mind State governments are in a mood for lockdown. Since lockdown will further shatter the economy it is not appreciated by all the government.

Allahabad High Court Order For Lockdown, The Appeal

Since the corona strain is in full power and is effective a large number of people every day especially the old age and the people with poor medical history keeping in mind The Allahabad High Court appealed for a lockdown till 26 April in five of its cities. The cities were namely Allahabad, Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur, Nagar, and Gorakhpur.

 The Final Verdict

Allahabad High Court’s appeal of lockdown till 26th April was put in to stay by the Supreme Court. So now there will be no Lockdown in these five cities Allahabad, Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur, Nagar, and Gorakhpur. The Apex court representative made it clear that a lockdown can not be the actual controlling factor and can impact the overall economy of the state and the country.

 The Other Approach

Though the lockdown will not be imposed in the cities however the corona spread is quite concerning and needs to be controlled. The everyday increase in the number of patients ranging to thousands and the highly declining rate of the ventilator and hospital beds have made the situation worst. Keeping in mind the disastrous consequences the government has ensured that no lockdown will be imposed however strict restrictions and protocols will be mandatory.

The Uttar Pradesh government has already restricted the gathering of 5 or more people at a religious place and also had weekend lockdowns.

The Past Stats

The appeal made by the Allahabad High Court was also a bit legitimate as the cases in Uttar Pradesh are increasing and presently there are more than 2 Lakh active cases. The state has reported about 10,000 deaths and recovery of more than 6 Lakh Covid positive individuals.

So this was all about the Allahabad High Court’s Lockdown appeal and the final verdict by the Supreme Court. It’s a humble request for every reading this article to please follow the guidelines and stay safe. Also, stay strong and help the ones who need your support.

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