Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Russia's longest leader since Stalin

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is one of the longest-running presidents of the country. Recently the President has signed a law on Monday which allows him to potentially hold onto Power until 2036. However, this is a move that formalizes constitutional changes endorsed in last year’s popular vote. This law shows that the president will be in power till he will be 83 years old. Currently, the president is 68 years old. He completes his ongoing six-year tenure his fourth as President in 2024. As he is already running the country either as President or as Prime Minister for more than 20 years. However, this is the longest period a leader has been in power since Joseph Stalin.

Powers to Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin the President of Russia has signed a law. This law has limited any future president to two terms in office but resets his tenure. This law also prevents anyone who has held foreign citizenship from running for the Kremlin. Also, there are some additional powers that are given to Mr. Putin after signing this law. Now he has the power to fire judges in the country’s higher courts and to reject laws passed by the Parliament. It also includes guarantees for pension layouts as well as minimum salaries. It will give the country’s Parliament additional power to nominate the head of government.

Putin’s tenure in Russia

Putin has ruled Russia for more than 20 years. He first served two consecutive four years terms but as a third straight term would breach the constitutional limit. As he became Prime Minister in 2008. Later Mr. Vladimir Putin has returned as president in 2012. Later his Presidential term was extended to six years. He got re-elected in 2018. Now after signing this law till 2036 he will remain in power.

Changes in Russian Constitution

The legislation Putin has now signed formalizes changes to the Russian Constitution that were endorsed by the people through a referendum held last year. His proposals were approved by over 78% of the vote. However, there were some amendments in Russia that were passed by the Lower House of Parliament in March last year. This law will make the president in power for so many years.

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