Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Karnan is an action movie, directed by Mari Selvaraj. It a Tamil drama film starring Dhanush, Yogi Babu, Lal Paul and others. The music for the movie was given by Santhosh Narayanan.

The duration of the movie is around one hour and a half. But, it is worth spending. The movie release went as per schedule. COVID-19 was a threat but things proceeded smoothly and Karnan was released today (April 9, 2021) successfully.

The producers got lucky today because 100% seats could be occupied but starting from tomorrow Government has made it clear, that only cinemas with 50% occupancy will stay functional. This can hurt the movie’s turn over but the reviews don’t suggest any sulking.

Karnan is a fight of a young man. The script draws influence from riots of 1999


The movie has an impression of riots of Manjolai, 1999 and Melavalavu Massacre, 1997. Dhanush’s character Karnan, (which is also the title for this drama film) is a villager. Karnan has to fight for his rights and protect his people from the ruthless police officer.

Those who got a chance to watch the movie today didn’t hesitate in expressing their opinions. They took to twitter to explain how their time was respected. Some were all thankful for the best Cinematography and others couldn’t get over the music. Overall, everything from Dhanush’s acting to the way movie was put together gained love and admiration.

One of the netizens wrote that “Karnan” was the best work of Dhanush and Mari Selvaraj. Besides Dhanush, Lal Paul and Yogi Babu were also given the appreciation they deserved. People even mentioned goosebumps while talking about the film. The intro, background music and performances were all noticed and praised well by the audience.

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