Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Iraq was under Saddam Hussein’s rule when all it wanted was a kind and just ruler. It was eighteen years back that his rule finally met it’s end. This point in time was a notable slot in history.

However, the youth of Iraq would like to refuse. The World thought that the end of Saddam’s Government would ensure peace and development in the country but these thoughts are not mutual.

As per Hussein, a 21 years old Iraqi activist said that he doesn’t see much hope for the youth in his country. He didn’t go through the times when Saddam was in power but he can understand that the times he is a part of, are no better.

After Saddam’s fall, America made promises of democracy. The young lad, Hussein 21 doesn’t feel like there are many opportunities for him and his friends.

Iraq has youth with growing anxiety and fear of future


He says, that it is sickening that the country has “incapable” political parties and functions in the “rotten system”. He started his education from a mud school and doesn’t think life is easy for the poor in his country. He started working since the age of thirteen and used his savings to graduate.

He is going to be the first in his family to graduate but that doesn’t make him excited. As per 21 years old Hussein, the corruption has made this place hollow and it only benefits the rich. Those like him, who struggle financially might have a chance at education but, the promise of a job is only a dream.

According, to the youth job markets get 700,000 new graduates each year. But the openings are narrow and opportunities only come once in a long time. 60% of the country’s population is around 25 years old. And it’s a sad reality that unemployment is at 36% for the people of that age.

This makes the youth join military or politics. If a person wants to go abroad, he will face rejections and judgements because Iraqi degrees don’t have a good reputation in foreign markets.

The country’s youth says that they have technology to compare what they have with, what the world has.

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