Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Giant monitor lizard causes chaos

A Giant Lizard was seen in the Thai Supermarket. The Lizard was seen creating chaos in the marketplace. A video went viral which shows the scene at a 7 Eleven Store in Thailand. This video was later shared by Thai Travel Agency Mundo Nomada. Godzilla vs Kong is very commonly seen in the movies. Till now we have seen such scenes in the movies now this viral video has given a shock to everyone. Whatever the people have witnessed will make you want to either re-visit the Monster Verse movies or read up about the giant lizard. Let’s look over the details which were seen in the viral video.

Viral Video key details

A video that went viral has shown a giant monitor lizard scaling the shelves and knocking down products at a supermarket in Thailand. In the video, the Lizard was seen flicking its tongue in and out. However, the giant monitor lizard was also seen resting on a top shelf before it has started creating a mess at the 7 Eleven Store in Thailand. The people at the store got scared by this incident. This video went viral and most people around the world have shared this video on their profile.

The video garnered a million views

The viral video of Giant monster lizard has garnered more than a million views. Later the video was deleted from Twitter. But now it went viral and thousands of people have been sharing it on Facebook and YouTube. However, in this context, various people had tweeted about this unusual incident. When the Lizard was sitting at the top shelf shopkeeper of the store gave a look of horror. This horrifying incident caught and the video went viral.

Giant Monster Lizard

Giant Monster Lizards are very common in Bangkok and even in the other parts of the country. But the appearance of this Monster Lizard at the supermarket is a horrific incident. These lizards are known to mostly feast on the decaying flesh of dead animals. But according to the sources, some locals have speculated that the Lizard came into the store as it was trying to escape the humid climate. However, this was not the first time in Thailand that such an incident got captured.

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