Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

 Canada Suspends Flights

The whole world is on the verge of a massive pandemic of Covid 19. Covid cases are rising rapidly all over India. In particular states like Delhi, West Bengal, and Maharashtra the cases have taken a massive surge. Therefore, Canada has Suspended Flights From India. Not only India, but it has also made its decision to suspend flights from other countries like Singapore, Indonesia as well as Pakistan. According to the Canadian government, they have decided that international flights from all these countries are to be suspended from Friday 9 am for Thirty days. In cases of flights from Canada, the passengers who want to depart to the respective cities of India and Pakistan will have to be tested Covid negative and also travel via an indirect route. With regards to any other country, Canada will be taking a Covid test of all the passengers before entering it.

Canada Suspends Flights:  Other Countries

Other countries like Singapore and Indonesia have also taken strict measures for passengers visiting from India. International airplane of India, Air India has Tweeted that according to the rule of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, all incoming passengers( barring the citizens and the permanent residents of Singapore) who have their latest travel history to India in between 14 days before leaving from Singapore, are not be permitted into any kind of transfer or transmit via Singapore from Friday 11.59 pm till further notices. This notice is also applicable to those who have obtained approval to enter Singapore.

Besides Singapore, Indonesia has also notified that visas to foreigners will not be issued who have visited India in the last 14days.

The Canadian government has stated that the case data of Covid was being monitored by the public health agency of Canada. Through this, after doing mandatory testing of all the passengers entering Canada, it has been found that flights from India and Pakistan have a disproportionately high number of cases. Specifically for this reason the Canada Suspended Flights From India, Pakistan, and other countries. The airplane Air Canada used to operate flights between Toronto and New Delhi. They have also mentioned that this is a short-term measure for 30 days to ensure the safety of aviation services and reduce interruptions in operations. In this notice, it is also clearly stated that flights with cargo operations, medical transfers, or military help will not be prohibited.

The importance

It is very necessary to be aware and take measures amidst this deadly pandemic of Covid 19. Therefore, Marco El Mendicino, the minister in charge of the immigrant refugees and citizens of Canada has thanked all those Indian and Pakistani passengers who wish to visit Canada for being patient and understanding their decision. They have taken this strict measure to ensure the health as well as safety of the residents as well citizens of Canada. They are looking forward to welcoming them as soon as possible, once the situation becomes safe all over the world.

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