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The fire broke out in Maharashtra: Initiations

At 3.15 am IST on 23rd April, a fire broke out at the Vijay Vallabh Hospital in the Virar city of Maharashtra. The fire broke out because of a short circuit in the air-conditioned unit of the ICU section. Around 13 patients suffering from Covid 19 were stuck in the ICU section. A colossal fire broke, and all of them died because of it. This incident happened in the Covid 19 center of Virat which falls under the municipal limits of Vasai Virar within the district of Palghar of Maharashtra. This deadly incident happened this morning Friday. The fire extinguishers were called and it took an hour to completely blaze off the fire. By 5.20 am the fire was extinguished but still could not save the lives of many. As per a police investigation, the fire started with a minute flame around 3.15 am. Besides the death of 13 Covid 19 patients, 21 patients more have been taken to another nearby hospital. These also include some patients with critical conditions. All the stances of this incident have been reported by Dr. Dillip Shah. He is associated with the Vijay Vallabh Covid care hospital.

Series of incidents

First being a private entity, Vijay Vallabh Hospital started serving as Covid hospital, in Maharashtra. On hearing about this incident, the chief minister of Maharashtra Mr. Uddhav Thackeray has started with the inquiry of the matter. Similar incidents like this, have been seen in another Hospital named Dr. Zakir Hussain Hospital in the city of Nashik. The incident at the Dr. Zakir Hussain Hospital happened 24 days before this incident. All the loved and dears ones of the victims have demanded strict action to be taken against the irresponsible nature of the hospital which led to this tragedy. Among the injured patients, some were kids, some were from the there mid-forties, and some senior citizen patients also. The 13 dead patients included five women along with 8 men.

The Maharashtra government has shared deep condolences to all the family members of the victims. On account of such a shocking incident, a total sum of 2 lakhs will be donated to the family members of the dead victims as well as 50,000 INR to those who are severely injured as financial assistance. Our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi and the defense minister of the Union Shri Rajnath Singh have also shared their condolences for the victims and prayed for a speedy recovery for the injured ones.


The fire which broke out in the hospital of Maharashtra was a very tragic incident in the city of Maharashtra. 13 innocent people got dead and 21 were severely injured during the deadly pandemic. The condition of Maharashtra is already worse with a huge number of affected Covid 19 patients. This is a huge loss for the state as well as for the relatives of the dead victims of today’s incident.

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