Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumers Rights Day is observed on March 15 every year. This day will be celebrated to protect the rights of the consumers. It also ensures that the consumers are not subjected to market abuse or social injustice which may undermine their rights. But those who are unaware the National Consumer Right Day will be observed every year on December 24. As today is the day which is celebrated as World Consumers Day. As we all know that consumer is the person who has every right to have accurate information on the quality, quantity, purity, price, and standard of the various goods and services. There are various such consumers who are not aware of their rights. Now let’s know the importance of this day and everything you need to know.

Importance of World  Consumer Rights Day

There are various such concerns that occur about the consumers. But the consumer is the person who is generally facing problems while purchasing the goods and services. There are some sellers who sell obsolete goods to them. In such cases due to unawareness of their rights the consumers are exploited by the sellers in the market. In the context of such days celebration every year new theme announced which will give information to the consumers. Let’s look over this year’s theme of World Consumer Rights Day.

World Consumer Rights Day 2021 Theme

This year the theme of World Consumer Rights Day is to tackle plastic pollution. These days plastic is one of the biggest issues facing our planet. Due to the rising use of plastic, the government and various unions are working over this issue. So now this time this day will be marked to highlight the importance of controlling the use of plastic. This year it will show how the 7 R’s of replace, rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and repair play an important role in the world’s fight against plastic pollution.

History of World Consumer Rights Day

The US President in 1962 sent a special message to the US Congress which has asked about the issue of consumer rights. Since that day March 15 is celebrated as World Consumer Rights Day. Later this message propelled the consumer movement into motion and in 1983 the consumers international portal decided to dedicate the day to consumers’ rights.

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