Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Wonder Woman is pregnant

The Wonder Woman 1984 star, 35, shared a picture with her husband and little ones as they rested their hands on her belly announcing that they are going to welcome a family member soon.   

The love the family received from around the world 

The actress received congratulatory messages from her friends in the industry and from her fans. Jason Momoa congratulated her, while Hillary Swank went ecstatic. Fans have been going gaga over the news and the family has been showered with love and nothing else.  

The day before sharing this happy news to the world, the couple attended the 2021 Golden Globes award together. She gracefully hid her baby bump in her dress during the party. The Israel native has been married to Varsano since 2008. They welcomed their kids in 2011 and 2017 respectively. 

Gadot’s idea of parenthood 

Shortly after giving birth to their youngest child, Gadot opened up about the challenges and blessings of Parenthood. The busy actress also explained how she managed both work and family at the same it. It was one of her biggest challenges. She also said that she does not believe in a normal lifestyle. She has her children very high up her priority list but she likes to do things her own way and she feels that it does not matter till the time the family is together and happy.  

Her family life 

Gal Gadot’s partner is very supportive. She has gone on record to say that she thought Varsano was too cool for school and how they met in the desert at a yoga retreat. She has publicly told her love story and how they got married. The couple is very much loved and adored by the fans and their pictures on social media are a testament to their blissful family life. We all hope that the little one is born healthy and happy.

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