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who is Jhanak Shukla

Jhanak Shukla is the girl who played the role of little Hua Kapur in Shah Rukh Khan’s Kal Ho Naa Ho. As of now, the actress is 25 years old and after her recent video went viral she is in the spotlight of the Indian audience. As the star has shared about her age and not earning anything. This video was for Brut India. She has shared over there about taking a break from acting when she was only 15 and now already feeling tired. The actress has also shared that she feels to retire now as she has a sense of tiredness. As being just 25 years old actress talked about being retire has broken the internet. People wonder that at this why she wants to retire. As she was one of the finest child actresses and now her thought of retiring has given a shock to most people.

Why Jhanak Shukla is retiring

Jhanak Shukla TV Serials and Movies

However, Janak has played a tremendous character in various TV series. As in Karishma ka Karishma as a Robot, Hatim and Son Pari. She was even seen in Gumrah which was a reality-based crime thriller and the Malayalam serial Aalipazham meaning the hailstone. She was also seen in Deadline: Sirf 24 Ghante in 2006.

Jhanak Shukla family

Jhanak Shukla is the daughter of Suriya Shukla. Her father is Haril Shukla and he is a filmmaker and Supriya Shukla is an actress. She has talked more about her retirement in the video. She said that her retirement has already begun as according to her parents she doesn’t work too much. She said that she just chill, make soaps, roam, write sometimes. She said that her parents have also asked her to take a break sometimes when she got fed up with her schedule.

Jhanak Shukla current life

Currently, Jhanak Shukla is an Archaeologist. She has so done her master’s and she feels like she is okay with it. She believes that taking a break now is okay as she has worked a lot during her childhood. She said that she used to go to school on regular basis. She said that she always wanted in her childhood that when she grows up she will be earning a lot and will be settled. But now as she is not earning anything. Her parents are very supportive of her.

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