Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
UP Panchayat Elections 2021

The Hight court will make a decision over the UP Gram Panchayat Elections list of 2021. However, it is now observed that the final list of reservations for the Uttar Pradesh Gram Panchayat Elections 2021 was supposed to be published by March 15, 2021. But now the things seem to be delayed as the Allahabad High Court gave a stay order over the issue. According to the sources, it is informed that the High Court will hear the matter today. But this will be done when the reply will be filed by the state government in the Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court. As the final reservation list for the three-tier UP, Gram Panchayat Elections 2021 is settled now. But due to the stay order, a response will be sent to each complainant.

Court order in Gram Panchayat Elections 2021

In this context, the High Court has given its order to all the DMs of all the districts. The court has also reprimanded the UP government over this reservation process in the elections. It has given the government and election commission to furnish this response on the issue raised on PIL. The court gave the time of 24 hours in this context. Now the day has come today hearing will take place.

Base year as 2015

The UP state government has given issued another notification on September 16, 2021. They have proved that they have kept 2015 as the base year and elections will conduct in this manner only. Later they have informed that this will consider the change in the demographic situation in the state. But this time it is observed that the government is using 1995 as the base year for the process this time in contravention of the 2015 notification released by them.

Last list of the UP Gram Panchayat Elections 2021

The last list of the elections will be issued by the government on March 17, 2021. But the last process by the court has now kept for the stay during this process. For this last list, it is expected that they will issue the notification of elections from March 25 or March 26. As High Court gave a stay order so it is expected that these dates will be extended further.

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