Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Income Tax Bureau Raids

The Bollywood industry has been bashed a lot last year especially due to the NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) summoning and arresting some popular actors for consuming drugs. Still, the Department has recovered multiple quantities of drugs from these well-known celebrities. However, according to news the Income Tax Bureau has recently invaded many properties of movie director Anurag Kashyap and also actress Taapsee Pannu. The Department claimed they have certain information related to tax evasion by which they searched their properties. Multiple places which were owned by these celebs were inspected by the officials. However, both Anurag and Taapsee previously have criticized the central government multiple times. Many think this could be one of the reasons why these celebrities are facing such issues.

The income tax bureau investigate Taapsee and Anurag’s properties

Today, officials of the tax bureau have scanned and investigated properties belonging to Taapsee and Anurag. Officers have gone through about 20 sites in Pune and Mumbai. A talent agency was likewise probed which is said to be linked with the celebs. Furthermore, a search operation was also conducted in Phantom films that Anurag Kashyap is a part of and which is production.

Several Bollywood celebrities in legal trouble

Last year, everyone witnessed several Bollywood stars facing legal problems. One of the major cases involved the consumption of drugs and being in contact with drug peddlers. Moreover, some stars were arrested for the same and were fined by the court. Since then on numerous occasions, celebs are probed to see if they are a part of any illegal offense.

Taapsee and Anurag are frank celebrities

Both the film stars have time and again voiced their opinions on matters like CAA bill protests and Rihanna’s tweet on farmers’ protest. Anurag and Taapsee have always taken a stand on several protests that took place in India in the past few months. The celebs also tweet about their perspective and openly slam authorities over negligence towards protesters. Further, these celebrities have strongly put forward their viewpoints and are generally quite frank. Still, both stars are currently facing trouble from the Income Tax department.

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