Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
PUBG Mobile India launch

PUB-G Mobile is one of the most awaited games for Indian gamers. As recently due to the disputes between India and China Indian government has banned PUB-G Mobile. PUB-G has announced that they will launch PUB-G Mobile in India back in November. Also, it was informed that the game will have re-designed gameplay. It will also bring some more improvements. This time the game will arrive in the market without Chinese investor Tencent Games backing. However, this was the reason that it had the Chinese back the government of India has banned the game. Since it’s ban the gamers are now expecting that when the game will back for play. PUB-G is one of the most played games in India. This is the main attraction of the youths in the country. Here you will have an idea about the launch date, Indian version download availability, and many more. Let’s look over this in detail.

PUBG Mobile Indian download

There is no such link available for download in India. As if you look at Google Play Store and App Store you will see that it is still unavailable for download. But you can play the global version in India now and the also government stated that it is legal to play it.

PUBG Mobile Release date for India

The company has not announced a specific date for the release of the game. You can see that even the social media of the game is showing that it will available soon. This delay is due to the government of India is yet to give clearance the game could make a comeback or not. As government believes that this game is violent, and is addictive to the youths.

PUBG website’s source code

Recently a new state code was spotted on the website of the game. This shows that there are possibilities that the game will be available soon in India as well.

PUBG Mobile update

As of now, there is no such information available for the launch of the PUB-G Mobile just like that there is no such update for PUB-G Mobile in India yet. But the global version came with 1.3 updates with a new Kakarin map and a new sniper rifle.

PUBG on PC and laptop

However, there is a ban only on the PUB-G Mobile. You can easily play the game on PC, Macs, Laptop, and Consoles.

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