Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
New Zealand track to prevent Earthquake

An earthquake is the shaking of the Earth’s surface. This results in the damage of life and property if occurred with high magnitude. New Zealand is an earthquake-prone area. But now it seems that it is on the right track with new construction technologies.

According to the new research New Zealand is working at a great level to protect life and property. It has mainly focused on the rocking walls which will prevent the walls from falling down at times of high-frequency Earthquakes.

The researchers from the University of Auckland, University of Canterbury have collaborated with the New Zealand research center QuakeCORE and the Tongji University. This collaboration is done to prevent damage to life and property. However, New Zealand is still working on this technology to bring it available for every building.

New Zealand track to prevent Earthquake

Buildings with this technology

In New Zealand, it was observed that there are only about 10 to 15 buildings in New Zealand that are build up with this amazing technology. According to the sources it was informed that at the time of the high-frequency Earthquake there was no structural damage was seen as only some minor superficial cracks could be seen in the buildings. This incident is of Christchurch and Kaikoura. But it seems that the researchers find that Christchurch is a really good example where this technology could be observed easily.

Minimum Damage

When the researchers have observed the buildings they said that there was no need to repair them. As this repair was not necessary. This seems to be a positive outcome. They have also informed that the buildings were tested about 40 times. And still, they noted that there was no need to work for any repair with it. As they will be testing the capability of this technology further also.

New Zealand Tsunami

Recently warning sirens were sounded across Noumea. This was done after the authorities ordered evacuations amid fears that waves of up three meters which is headed over 10 feet towards the French territory. New Zealand is capable of developing a technology that helps the building in standing even in an earthquake. They also need to bring some technology to prevent damage from tsunamis.

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