Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021
India has now become electoral dictator

In Sweden, an independent research institute based at the University of Gothenburg said that India is no longer an electoral autocracy in its latest Democracy Report 2021. This is done just after the days the Freedom House of Unites States downgraded it from a Free Country to a Party Free Country. It stated that India is a democracy with 1.37 billion inhabitants but now the country has converted into an electoral autocracy. The V-Dem institute has also claimed that India’s decline on the Liberal Democracy Index has started after Narendra Modi led BJP in the 2014 parliamentary elections. The report also includes that the Modi-led government in India has used laws on sedition.

Rahul Gandhi on ‘Electoral Autocracy’

In this Swedish Report, Rahul Gandhi has tweeted on this issue. In his tweet, he quoted the media reports on Swedish Institute’s democracy which has downgraded India. He said that India is no longer a democratic country. However, the government of the country has strongly condemned the Freedom House report. It has called the report misleading, incorrect, and misplaced. The government has also stated that the country has established democratic practices. In this context, Rahul Gandhi attacked the government. He has been attacking the government over the issue of freedom of speech and expression for the citizens of the country.

Sitaram Yechury on Electoral Autocracy

As after Rahul Gandhi now Sitaram Yechury gave a response about this issue of Electoral Autocracy. On Thursday he said that India is now an Electoral Autocracy. This was in response to media reports on Swedish Institute’s democracy report that downgraded India. He quoted the words from a report which says Modi led government in India has used laws on sedition, defamation, and counter m terrorism to silence critics. Sitaram Yechury is CPI(M) general secretary.

Reports alleged Nitin Gadkari

Aa days after Sweden’s Reports the media reports have developed a potential complications in ties between the two countries. All this with faint echoes of a 1980s scandal. These reports have alleged that Nitin Gadkari and his family have received a bribe from Swedish bus manufacturer Scania in form of a new luxury bus gifted to a company close to the minister’s sons in 2016.

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