Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Hilaria and Alec Baldwin

Hilaria, 37, took her fans by shock when she posted a photo of the couple’s little one on Instagram, just five months after the fitness enthusiast gave birth to her fifth child. A representative of the couple said that they will not be sharing any detail or confirm a statement but whatever Hilaria posted is true.  

The mystery child 

Another source confirmed that the couple did welcome another child but it is still unclear whether they used a surrogate or they adopted. Even though everyone knows that the child cannot be biologically born, till the time anything is being confirmed, people will keep wondering how this happened. Hilaria had been showing off her fit physique in December, and in one month they have a child.  

Hilaria’s plans 

Hilaria’s Instagram post was a picture of the new baby along with her and Alec’s other kids. Hilaria had also gone on record to say that she was happy with five kids. In 2019, she suffered two miscarriages. She had also told in an Ellen episode that she was still trying for a girl but having a sixth child was not in her plan. Alec also told that his wife was a baby collector, and she likes having kids because young kids give her joy.  

The controversy 

While the entire world is still confused about how the child came into being, a major online brawl seems to be forgotten. A few months back, Hilaria was trending all over the internet because she pretended to be Spanish for some reason when she is clearly not. Her heritage was being questioned and she faced a lot of troll and hatred online. Her family and children were the only things that kept her going.  

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