Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
Lightning fell on four people

Delhi NCR has seen sudden rain and fall in temperature. A shocking incident was caught in the security camera on this issue. During rain, the four people were standing under the tree to avoid the rain. Suddenly lightning strikes have started occurring in many places. Four people who were protecting themselves from the rain lightning fell on them. CCTV has recorded the horrifying incident in Gurugram. However, such incidents could be seen at times of rain. People stand under the tree to protect themselves from rain and suddenly got injured due to lightning strikes. Let’s now more about the incident and the health of the people.

Incident’s Place

This incident was observed on a CCTV camera. It belongs to the Vatika Society of Sector-82 of Gurugram.

Condition of 4 people

According to the sources, one among them got seriously injured and the condition is serious. He was taken dead to the hospital. The other three people were burned. However, two of them are now put in danger and another one was in intensive care with severe burns. They all were employees of the Signature Bilas Society. The action was taken instantly. Later they were admitted to the hospital in Manesar. When the incident happened three planters and supervisors came forward and help all the injured people and they were taken to the private hospital in time.

Rainfall in many areas of NCR

On Friday it was observed that Delhi capital regions were observed rain. These include Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, and Gurugram. It was observed that morning was dark and cloud cover and rain. This has caused people to turn on their vehicle lights and leave the house. Even in some places hail was seen. This was already forecasted by Indian Meteorological Department.

CCTV footage incident

In the CCTV footage, it was observed that the men standing under the tree to escape the drizzle. Then suddenly lightning strikes the tree. It was seen that within seconds there people out of four collapses. The fourth person who was leaning against the tree fell on the ground in just a second. This was all shown in the clip of the incident.

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