Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
South Africa variant of COVID-19 in delhi

Coronavirus pandemic is becoming a problem to us day by day. As it’s been a year that coronavirus is affecting our lives. Earlier in India, the cases seem to be declined but now again the surge could be seen. Various scientists in the country now believe that this time the virus has come in mutated form. However, a 33-year-old man is now admitted to the hospital.

Doctors gave information about the virus

Dr. Suresh Kumar the medical director of the Lok Nayak Hospital. He gave the information about this South African virus to the person who was tested positive for this virus. Dr. said that the person who was found positive nine days ago was admitted to the hospital immediately. But now the doctors got the report that he is infected with the South Africa variant of the virus. However, he added that he believes the patient is asymptomatic. But he is under isolation to prevent the spread of the virus. Hospital has a special ward for him. This special ward is created so that the UK variant and original strain patients do not get mixed with it.

Variants of Coronavirus

According to the reports currently, there are multiple variants of this Covid-19. It includes UK strain, South Africa, Brazil, and the original one is still affecting our lives. These new strains are now circulating globally. In the UK the virus was B.1.1.7 which originated over there. Now this South Africa one also has some mutations with the UK strains.

South Africa and UK variant cases

The doctors reported that currently there are 28 cases caused by the UK variant. This is the first person who was confirmed positive in the city for COVID-19 caused by the South Africa variant of coronavirus. He is admitted to Lok Nayak Hospital, Delhi. But not only in Delhi, but it also seems that there are four more people who have been positive for this virus in other parts of the country. However, doctors said that the patients who have been tested with UK mutation are asymptomatic. Also, these patients were discharged after testing negative. South Africa’s first case was reported in December but in India, a case is seen now.

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