Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021
Mr Trump's Wealth from 2016 to 2021

Mr. Donald Trump was the president of Unites States. He was the 45th president of United States and his tenure was 2017 to 2021. However, those who are unawre about his wealth as he was the first billionaire who was elected to the White House. But soon after the new elections in 2020 he lost the US Presidential Elections to the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. According to the sources it seems that Donald Trump’s wealth takes tumble during presidency. As in the time of COVID-19 pandemic the whole world has seen a decline in its economy. The people have faced problem of money and everyone faces a tough times. The Covid-19 pandemic hit Donald Trump’s fortune hard. His building, offices, Branded hotels, and resorts lost revenue and falling in value. His fleet of planes and golf courses have also seen drops in their values. However, the former president in under a crime investigation into his financial affairs and his family business.

Criminal Investigation against Donald Trump

During his presidential rule in the country his finances have always been in the spotlight and he has been very secretive about how much tax he pays. According to the sources it was found that last month the Supreme Court ordered MR Trump was asked to hand over his raz returns and even other financial records to the prosecutors in New York. The investigation against Mr Trump was started in 2018 and the officials continue to know the truth behind this case.

Mr Trump’s Wealth from 2016 to 2021

According to the sources the new data of Mr Trump informs that his wealth seems a drop of 26% in the value of his main commercial property holdings. The accounts for about three quarters of his net worth. He manages, or license his name to about a dozen hotels and resorts, plus 19 golf courses. Mr Trump has fleet of planes which includes a Boeing 757. These planes are decades old and have been marked down in value over the years.

Profit in post-presidency

According to the source it was found that Donald Trump can profit post-presidency is with a news channel or social media platform. This will bring an appeal to his 74m voters in elections that were held recently. As due to these charges on him he has to answer officials for the actual information.
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