Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Development of reusable rockets needs a thrust

ISRO is Indian Research Space Organisation. This organization has been working for 51 years for the development of India towards a better technological future. We cannot overlook the fact that ISRO has been working at a very fast rate in terms of rocket science. As PSLV is the most powerful rocket in the world also in ISRO’s armor. Recently ISRO former Chairman G Madhavan Nair said that India needs to strive towards mastering reusable rocket technology, give thrust to global marketing. He also added that India needs to learn some things from SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s business model. Just like Elon Musk is taking full advantage of everything in the space field. India now focuses more on its business model to tap full potential in the space field.

India focus on its capabilities

Mr. Nair has added that India generally offers its launch services with 30% to 40% lower cost. If we look to other countries they provide it at a higher cost. So ISRO has a vast scope to launch a foreign satellite and also provide space-related services in the global market. He further added that India has the capability to do things in an amazing way. India has basic technology also can easily launch earth observation and communications platforms. But Mr. Nair has added that somewhere the country is missing such things at the global level.

Reusable launch

Mr. Nair has added India needs to focus on its reusable launch vehicle. However, the country is taking is talking about this for the last 15-20 years but still not able to make it. If we look over SpaceX then Musk is using such technology. With having great potential for capturing more and more launches from countries the ISRO needs to focus on reusing its launches.

Importance of Reusable launch

With the introduction of this reusable launch technology, the country could be able to reduce space transportation costs. This will bring various benefits to the organization and also bring great market attraction for the organization for various countries. However, the technology is increasing at a fast rate so we cannot neglect the new addition to the system but while taking this step it will be a great initiative.

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