Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
remote learning software is prone to hacking

Netop Vision Pro is a very popular student monitoring software. However, this software is used by students these days for remote learning. According to the sources the San Francisco researchers have found some critical vulnerabilities in this software. The hackers have been using this software to get access to the student’s devices in which they use this software for remote learning. The devices such as computers, laptops, and other ones. This attack is a threat to their security and privacy. This investigation was done by the McAfee Labs Advanced Threat research team. This software is known as Netop Vision Pro which is produced by Netop. The students and teachers of various schools have been using this software for learning and teaching. Also, it is installed on computers which are used by the students at schools.

Netop Vision Pro use

This software is for Chromebook classrooms. It provides visibility into a student’s activities. However, in addition to this, this will allows teachers to keep track of their students. They can share their screen, lock students’ screen and keyboards, and block websites. All these things can be done with just the use of the click button. Teachers can easily control their desktops, running applications, and share documents. This is one of the most used software in terms of teaching and learning by the students as well as by teachers.

Criticized vulnerabilities found in the software

There are various such critical vulnerabilities that are found by McAfee in the software. The members of the team have found that with one computer acting as the teacher’s station and three students’ devices. The researchers of the advanced team have found that the student’s user profile carried different permissions levels. They also quickly spotted that all network traffic between the teacher and students was being sent in unencrypted packets. They have also found that Vision Pro’s Chat function could be manipulated to deploy malware.

Threat to security

The advanced team has found that this will steal information from an individual student. It can also install some Malware that spreads to an entire school network. The team has been working over this issue since December but this new version has addressed various other flaws.

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