Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
build a $2.35 billion plant

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation is China’s one of the most important and amazing chipmakers. Recently news came that SMIC is now planning to build $2.5 billion plants. However, the state government has given funds to the company for its new plant. The main aim of SMIC in doing so is that the company now wants to match the US and become more self-reliant as the global supply dwindles. As we have seen that there are various such devices available in the market with SMIC Chipset. But recently in the context of the growing demand the company has informed about shortage of chipset this year and might be next year. However, it already facing such problems but now it seems that things will get tougher. This could lead to the collision of the Chinese business in the market. Also, it could now be able to even cover up the domestic productivity in such a case.

Governmental ties up

To do the proper functioning in the company it has asked the government to fund them. Now with this tie-up with the government, it might be a great step for SMIC in the production process. This shortage problem is very real and the situation could worsen in 2021 and 2022 if the companies and the government will now focus on the scene going on with the company.

Chain’s aim in a technology

China now wants to build a small group of technologies in the country. Which in turn will stand shoulder to shoulder with Intel Corp. Ans Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Even the companies have pledged in the country to boost their spending and drive research into cutting edge chips in the country’s lastest five-year targets.

SMIC 28 nm chips

Now SMIC has done a joint venture with the Southern municipality. This venture is aimed to provide amazing new technological devices. Also, it will develop and operate a chipmaking plant that can produce silicon of 28 nanometres or above. It will also bring third-party investment to the company. According to the sources the company will do so by the end of 2022. Also, produce 40,000 12 inch wafers a month.

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