Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Brazil fines Apple of $2 million

Apple is one of the most amazing companies around the world. The company has been working with great devices in the market and with its use of new technology in the market it has gained too much attention. Recently the company has launched iPhone 12 in the market. This is the most controversial device by Apple till now. As the company did not provide a charger with a smartphone which has forced the consumers to purchase a charger alongside a smartphone. Various countries are not happy with this decision of Apple not to provide a charger with smartphone. However, the company gave a reason that they are doing this for environmental protection. But some countries did not find it appropriate. Brazil took a step over Apple for taking this step of not providing chargers. Let’s look over the matter in detail.

Brazilian state fines Apple

The Brazilian state of São Paulo is not happy with Apple’s decision of leaving the charger out of the box. According to the sources it was found that country has charged Apple nearly $10.55 million which is roughly estimated as $1.92 million US for removing the power adapter from iPhone 12. This makes the company move towards violating of country’s Consumer Defence Code. Procon-SP has accused the company of engaging in misleading advertising and selling a device without the charger and on unfair terms.

Apple’s step towards the environment turned into a problem

As Brazil has charged Apple $2 million. However, the company gave a reason that by doing so they will be able to reduce carbon emissions. Also, users are replacing power adapters with wireless charging methods, and Apple seems it wasteful to include adapters in the boxes. However, the country has questioned Apple if they are removing the charger then they must have reduced the price but the company did not respond to this issue.

Apple on Brazil charges

The company did not comment on this issue. As the iPhone 12 Mini costs $729 in the US in Brazil the same phone is around $1,200. But in context with these charges the company is yet to give information about this issue. As Apple claimed that while doing this is almost equal to removing 450,000 cars in one year. Brazil’s government has taken a step and Apple will respond to this issue soon.

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