Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Nazara Technologies IPO Review today

Nazara Technologies is the only company in India to have rights over IP and assets across grassroots, regional, national, and international e-sports. It has also marketed its first position in India across sports simulation and e-sports. However, being an unusual and the most amazing company which deals in unique business is in demand these days. Also, Anil Sanghvi who is Zee Business Managing Editor said that the company deals in a unique business. This will leads to demand for the IPO to remain high in the market. According to the sources it is also informed by Market Guru that people must focus on the IPO of Nazara Technologies. He also said that investors also need to focus on the issue of IPO for big listing gains in the market. This will be surely a profitable outing for investors.

The main attraction of Nazara business in the Share market

However, every person has their own perspective while investing in the share market. Everyone needs to earn gains, not losses. For that, they have their own criteria to deal in the market. But there are some key aspects and which will attract investors to invest in Nazara Technologies. Here are these:-

  • Nazara Technologies is well known for its management system. As to follow good business in the market the company deals in the various modes which will be beneficial.
  • Also, the inorganic growth of the company is amazing which in turn gives amazing benefits to the investors.
  • It has Gaming Business at a good growth pace which is extremely popular in youth.

Anil Sanghvi about Nazara Technologies

Anil Sanghvi has informed the investors about the company’s debts. He said that Nazara Technologies is a Zero debt company. It also informed the company that Rakesh Jhunjhunwala also holds 11% of the shareholders.

Risks in Nazara Technologies

As Anil Sanghvi has also cleared about some key risks. Being a highly competitive market so new ideas might be problematic for the investors. Also, he indicates that Dream 11 and various other gaming portals will create competition to come forward. However, one must invest in Big Listings not only to hold the long terms gains.

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