Mon. May 17th, 2021
YouTube takes down Punjabi Music Videos

Google’s popular video streaming platform YouTube has taken down a music video following a legal complaint by the Indian Government. The song titled “Ailaan” was sung by famous Punjabi singer Kanwar Grewal and was related to the ongoing farmers’ protest in the country. Before being removed on YouTube, the video caught the attention of 60 lakh people. YouTube has placed a notification on the music video stating that the said content is not available in this country after the Indian Government lodged a legal complaint against the aforesaid music video. However, despite the music video being taken down, YouTube has been flooded by the same video being uploaded in bulk numbers by the fans of the singer.

The issue of farmers gained worldwide attention after Rihanna’s tweet

YouTube takes down Punjabi Music Videos
YouTube takes down Punjabi Music Videos

Another popular music video titled “Asli Vaddange” with over 13 million views has also been reportedly taken down from YouTube. These aggressive actions from the Government are being seen as to suppress the issue of farmers’ protest. It may be noted that Punjabi entertainment Industry has always extended its support to the farmer’s protest. The Government is now accusing them of spreading misinformation and rumors through their music videos. After the tweets from Rihanna, Greta Thunberg and several other foreign celebrities and activists, the issue of farmers really went to a global stage. To show the solidarity of the county, many Indian celebrities including cricketers tweeted with hashtag #indiastandtogether and #indiaagainstpropganda.

Modi Government need to solve this protest rather than being aggressive in backing itself on Social Media Platforms

The Modi-led NDA Government has also sent legal notices to the microblogging site Twitter asking the company to take down more than 1100 accounts, which the Government thinks, are linked to Khalistan supporters and are being backed by Pakistan. Earlier, Twitter had refused to block these accounts from its site however after facing arrest of its top employees in India along with a penalty, the company has started removing the said accounts from the Twitter. It is really unfortunate to see that the Government is linking all things with Khalistan and Pakistan. What our country needs to do is to solve the issue internally by resuming talks with the Farmers’ union as soon as possible to end this long protest.

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